Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Technique Tuesday: New Webinar Announced! & Sunset Serenade - A Live Photography Tutorial

Good Afternoon Everybody,
Hey gang, welcome to another "Better Late Than Never" Ziser post. Good stuff happening today though. I'm announcing my new webinar, "Lighting, Lenses, and Composition - Creating The Dramatic Bridal Portrait." I'll spend 90 minutes walking you through how to light and compose beautiful wedding images on location. My discussion will include lighting gear and what lens to use to maximize the dynamics of the image.

I'll have Damien standing by to answer questions as they arise and also forward questions to me as needed. I've scheduled it for Wednesday, July 22, 2009 at 2:00 EDT (6:00 GMT). It's not free this time but the price is a super reasonable $19.95 (w/code WEBLLC09) which should offset the costs of time, logistics, and personnel needed in putting the webinar together.

Wait, there's more - I will also be giving away $200 worth of Door Prizes before we wrap the webinar too. It should be a lot of fun - I hope to see you there. Please be sure to use CODE WEBLLC09 when registering to get the special $19.95 price. Here is the link to register right here.

Also, I got and email from Master Digital Artist and friend, Vincent Versace, this morning introducing his 2 new DVD sets. Oz to Kansas 2.0: The Black and White on Black and White Conversions [link] and The Lazarus Effect - [link] This four DVD tutorial is for anyone who has ever taken an image in which the focus was a wee bit “off”.

If you know Vincent, you know he is a master at what he does and is a terrific teacher. Check out his DVDs at the above links. You can save $10 on them if you order them before July 15th.

OK, on with ...

Technique Tuesday- Sunset Serenade - A Live Photography Tutorial
In today's tutorial I'll walk you through part of my wedding shoot-out which I presented at the KPPA Summer Seminar a few weeks ago. What I like about this tutorial is the fact that it shows how I work to get the shot to come together - lighting, posing, composition, tweaks and all. I love the finished image. Hit the PLAY button below to see how I put the shot together and enjoy the show.

Hey gang, that's it for me today. It's taking way too long to get these tutorials up and running - 5 hours today! I'm going to have to come up with another method. Anyway, my problem. Sorry for the complaining - we have a gorgeous day in Cincy and I think I'm going to head on out into the fresh air. See everybody tomorrow, -David


  1. Really lovely lighting. Thanks for the video on how it was done.

  2. Thanks for great tutorial, I hope you will overcome your problems with posting them and keep doing it! They are great!

  3. Incredible final image David, thanks for sharing your talents.


  4. Terrific video, you rock David...I have learn so much from you.
    What lens did you shoot the images with?

  5. Thanks David, it was very inspiring to watch the tutorial and to see you working.

  6. David this was by far my favorite tutorial you have done to date. Can you please do more of these on location shooting tutorials?!

    Thanks for continuing to share your knowledge with us.