Thursday, May 21, 2009

Business day Thursday: 60 Ways To Build Your Business

Good Morning Everybody,
A great BIG thank You to all 230 photographers that attended last night's DWUC program. I have to say, the Irvine crowd was quite an energized group and we all had a great time. Each location offers it's own spice and nice surprises. Frank flew in from Winnipeg, Canada to see the program. Frank also flew in for my 2006 DWUC program, too. It was a very nice surprise to see Frank again last night.

Fellow blogger, Kerry Garrison on the right and his blogging partner, Maurice also came by to lend a helping hand. Thanks guys for all your help! We all got a chance after the program just to relax, share a few new ideas and talk blog stuff. I've mentioned it before - Kerry runs one of the best photo-blogs available on the net. Here is the link to - an invaluable resource a that's not to be missed with a TON of good stuff posted. Be sure to check out all of his 50 podcasts too - all offer very tantalizing as well as informational listening. Hey guys' thanks again for coming by the presentation.

Time to get to today's post - here we go...

60 Ways To Build Your Business
Time is running a little short today and the post I had planned is going to be reserved for a later post. I'm talking to the Animoto guys and we have some good things cookin' for my DPT readers. Stay tuned for additional information on a later date.

The last section of my Digital WakeUp Call tour is dedicated to marketing, business building, and selling. I race through that section because every night, as LaDawn constantly reminds me, I am short on time. Today I thought I would offer up one of my posts from about a year ago which covers a lot of bases and more on enhancing your business. This was sort of the "mother" of my business posts here at DPT. So on that note let me point you to "If You Were Just Starting Out, How Would You Build Your Client Base - More Than 60 Ways To Do It!" Here is the link - happy reading.

Hey gang, we are really running behind today so I've got to scoot. We hit San Diego in just a few hours and wrap our West Coast leg of my DWUC tour tonight. I hope to many of you there this evening. Be sure to come on up and say HI. See you in San Diego! -David


  1. HI david,

    This is very interesting.

  2. Hi there David! Andy Rea again simply to say thank you. When we have someone as experienced as you in the industry sharing business ideas, it really perks me up. I am very grateful for your advice and look forward to more in the future! Big blessings,