Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody,
You know, it was 387 years ago that the first Thanksgiving was celebrated - people coming together to celebrate the bountiful harvest. But for the Pilgrims, it was much more than a harvest celebration. The fact that they survived their first year - only 47, about half of those that crossed on the Mayflower, were still alive on that first Thanksgiving. That meant that this was truly a celebration of life for them.

Many of us take Thanksgiving for granted - today is Turkey Day, presidents and governors will pardon one lucky turkey, families will gather and eat way too much food. Don't get me wrong - this is all good stuff. But, I want to offer a different view. Let's think about the Pilgrims again who were giving a very sincere thanks from the bottom of their hearts on that special day.

I think the best time to celebrate Thanksgiving is not at the big, sometimes rowdy Thanksgiving Day dinner, but rather the moment you open your eyes on this day. The public celebration with families and friends is surely the high point of the day for many, but our private Thanksgiving, seems to me, to be the more important moment to savor.

Here are my Thanksgiving Day photography centric thoughts for today;

- Thank you for letting me see, feel and experience a beautiful new day today.
- Thank you for letting today's air be brisk, exciting my senses.
- Thank you for letting me see and feel the rich blue sky and the brightly shining sun .
- Thank you for my talent as a photographer.
- Thank you for letting that talent let me experience so many wonderful things in our world.
- Thank for letting my images bring great joy to so many others.
- Thank you for my enthusiasm and excitement when I bring the camera to my eye and see the wonderful compositions in my viewfinder.
- Thank you for letting me know how and when to press the shutter to capture that perfect moment.
- Thank you for all today's technologies that bring a new level of excitement to this wonderful endeavor.
- Thank you for keeping my enthusiasm for photography so vibrantly alive in my life.
- Thank you for giving so many others the same feelings of joy as they enjoy their photography.
- Thank you all over again for all of the above.

And, thank you to all our DigitalProTalk readers who are truly energized by photography, digital or analogue, and find exciting challenges, curiosity, fun, income, peace and joy in this endeavor.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! -David


  1. Happy Thanksgiving David. I am thankful for people like you who share of their knowledge so unselfishly.

  2. Thank you David,

    I still look up to you.

  3. David,

    I am truly thankful that you are willing to past on your knowledge to the next generation of emerging photographers.

    Keep all your great writings,videos and tips.

    Tony S.