Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Imagine This" Theatre Review - A Spectacular Accomplishment!

Good Morning Everybody,

WOW! Yesterday was the big day - or rather night. "Imagine This" opened in the West End New London Theatre last night and we, along with a moderately sized contingent from the Cincy area enjoyed one of the best pieces of theatre in London. Without a doubt, it is easily the best play being staged in London at this time.

From the moment the show started, you were figuratively locked to our seats with an outstanding introduction to the play. The play continued to carry us through a range of emotions from laughter, to tears, to joy.

Amazing ensemble acting by Peter Polycarpou and the rest of the cast was a joy to watch. Every detail of the play was beautifully and artistically crafted to tell this stirring and emotional story.

The crowd's utterly unanimous appreciation (with the exception of a sour critic or two) throughout the play climaxed with a sustained cheering and enthusiastic standing ovation at the end of the play. It was hard to clap as we all, including many of the actors, wiped tears from our eyes. But, cheer we did, bringing down the house on London's best play on stage today!

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