Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday's News and Tips

Image of the Day:
Hope everyone is enjoying the image of the day. I promise to run some wedding images next week, but I'm still on that France high from last week's wonderful vacation to Paris and the South of France.

August Newsletter Going Out Soon:
Don't miss out on a terrific tutorial in this month's newsletter due out soon. Just click here or hit the "Sign Up" button here on this page. It's been said that it "kicks butt" by some very respected people in the business.

Looking for More Business:
We are all trying to increase business, raise our community profile, or just plain trying to get more people to notice us. I found this article that gives some good pointers on doing just that. Give it a read right here.

Back Ups - News, or Bad News:
Hey, we all know it - the fear of the hard drive crash. Here at the studio, e have everything backed up about 17 times - not really, but one on-site hard copy back up and one off-site hard copy back up. On top of that, we maintain redundant copies on our network too. Can't be too safe if you ask me. Click here for a very good read on back up strategies and technologies.

Bad Teeth, Shiny Face - Check this out:
LaDawn and I had the privilege of meeting the Image Trends folks at both WPPI and the PPA conventions this year. The Professor, the person who invents some of these very interesting Photoshop time saving plug-ins for wedding/portrait photographers, is a fascinating gentleman to meet. Check out their latest "cool" inventions for "teeth whitening and "facial shine reduction."

Update for Tomorrow: ( Sounds futuristic, doesn't it?)
Look for one of the past newsletter tutorials to go back on line tomorrow.

Well, it's back to work here - enjoy the day. -David

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