Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Easy John Henry - Photoshop Tutorial


  1. David,

    Thanks for this blog, your DVDs and your willingness to teach.

    Thanks, too for this tutorial. I had seen it a while back but was unsure where to find the link I have to it. This made it easy.

    Tim Thompson

  2. Very cool blog.
    One problem. I found the blog because a friend pointed me to the tutorial on the signature brush. But I couldn't make it work. It wasn't until I asked him to point me to the specific place to click that he said it would be a media player event. I have Media Player installed, but my firewall was blocking it.
    A request, on behalf of those of who would like to view all the features of your site but have firewalls that block stuff from sites we don't yet know to trust -- please put some indicator in there that the the tutorial will be Media Player based -- rather than let viewers pull their hair out trying to figure that out.

  3. After about two minutes the video stops. Help?

  4. Hey Everybody,
    Thanks for the nice remarks. Alan, I'll try to remember that next time around. Mr. Anonomous - please hit "pause" and let it download a while, then hit play again - it sounds like a bandwith issue.
    All the best, -David

  5. Hi, just wanted to say I found this video on dpreview forums and have come back to it as a reference for the last couple years. Thanks.