Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Highlight Tone Priority Setting in Canon's New Mark III

What was the highlight of the Spring Master Class - shooting with the new Canon Mark III. I invited Mary Mannix, our regional Canon representative to come by and show the class some of the new Canon "goodies." The Mark III "right off the presses" was a big hit with the class.

The hottest new feature - not even discussed much on the Internet photo sites yet - is the "Highlight tone priority" feature. What's that you say - only the best thing since "P for Professional" for us JPEG wedding shooters. Here is the scoop - under C.FnII:3 of your custom functions - set to "Enable" Highlight tone priority.

You have now extended the dynamic range of your JPEGS - read this as meaning less chance of "blowing out the whites." Check out the before and after images here. The left image is about a stop overexposed, but by enabling Highlight tone priority, the resulting image on the right was saved!

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