Monday, August 13, 2007

Ready to Go - Monday Mornings Musings

LaDawn and I just returned from France on Friday, got de-jet lagged, and are ready to go hoping to make this one of your favorite sites to visit. Check out the images from our trip - there is slide show associated with most of the posts, so give the page a minute or two to load. - Enjoy!

First a little news. A lot of people have been wondering when Canon might be releasing the new "Canon 40D". Check out Bob Atkins site for some tantalizing info on Canon's new baby. A quick "Google" search will hook you up with some more info.

I always talk about "The Difference Making the Difference" in your photography. But this may be going a bit far. Wedding Photographer, Mike Larson, literally throws his camera in the air with shutter button depressed to come out with some fascinating images. Check out the video here to see what I'm talking about. I think the comments following the video are interesting too. For me, I still like my "Pole Cam."

I just saw a report that digital camera sales are up 27%, but here is the real kicker - digital SLR's are up 75% over last year. You can get the whole story here at DPreview. How about this - National Geographic as just published a book entitled - The Camera Phone Book - How to Shoot Like a Pro. Anyway, just a little food for thought. It just means we have to continue to innovate our style, educate our clients, and excel at our photography - yep, it's still "The Difference That Makes the Difference."

And now something for free. If you have the new iPhone - I don't by the way - this nifty little program may be just for you. It's called iPhone Slideshow and you can get it free today only by clicking here.

That's it for now, see you soon. -David

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