Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Beautiful Reds"

0001 - Stylized Enhancement-

"Beautiful Reds"
© David A. Ziser

This image was made a few years ago but I brought it back because I featured it in my post-production technique on Technique Tuesday today.  I think you’ll enjoy it. 

The image was illuminated with just one light coming in from camera left.  It was a very large Westcott Softbox, probably about 6 sq.ft.  I used a reflector to fill the shadow side of the face in the original portrait but removed the fill light for added dramatic effect in Lightroom 4.

Compositionally I like how our model positioned her hand on her neck.  With how the highlights fall on her hand and her face, the gesture seems to continue the “line” traveling down her profile. 

I think what really makes this image really “sing” are the strong contrasts in the portrait.  Those strong contrasts along with the very vibrant colors make for a striking low key portrait.

Camera specs:  Canon 7D fitted with 18-200mm IS lens at 110mm, F5.6 @ 1/250 second, ISO 800.  Enjoy!  -David