Monday, June 18, 2012

Quick Hit Monday: Great Photo Education Ops; Canvass Wrap Actions; Landscape Techniques; & More!

Good Afternoon Everybody,

Writing BookI have to tell you - writing my new book and keeping the blog going has become quite the challenge as of late.  Both of those commitments and the fact that we are in the absolute busiest busiest part of the year with events every weekend since the end of May has certainly strained my resources on time around here. Thanks for hanging in there with me - I appreciate it.

In spite of the lack of time, I've managed to find enough time to get about 20,000 words of the book "on paper" so far.  I'm still managing my 2000 words/day goal too.  The cool thing about all the effort is that the more I write, the more good ideas I come up to incorporate into the book - and that's a good thing.  Anyway, I'm still pounding away at the keyboard and hope to have the very rough first draft completed by the end of the month.  Once I get that wrapped, I start putting the "spit and polish" on it and I’ll begin sharing some excepts with you guys too.  We're getting closer - stay tuned!!

Hey gang, time is short today and it's getting late in the day, so let's get right too Quick Hit Monday.  Here we go.

PhotoPro Network Summer School Coming Your Way!!!

Let me tell you about the coolest thing happening this summer right here in the Midwest.  It's our just announced PPN Summer School.  If you are anywhere - like within 300 miles of Louisville, KY - you need to check out the unbelievable learning opportunity!!! 

Summer school2

We're covering the gamut from Small Flash Photography, Weddings, Fashion, Lifestyle, High School Seniors, Landscape Photography, Photoshop CS6, Lightroom 4, Portfolio Development, Social Media Marketing, Brand Building, HOT SHOTS! Digital Image Competition & Review, and much more!  12 exiting photography sessions and 10 unbelievable speakers for only $89 for two days!  Plan to come on down and be part of the excitement.

This year we've got some great web-casts on Landscape photography and social media marketing.  We've got our Hot Shots! Image competition and our Saturday evening shoot out too!  YES, there will be prizes too!!! You can get all the info right here.

Explosive Wedding Photography: How About A great Time In Florida

Nicholas imageOK, gang, I'm stoked about this announcement too.  My good friends and two very talented photographers, Nickolas and Eric, are presenting a solid weekend of instruction at the end of this month in Orlando, Florida.  Here is the quick blurb about what's happening:

Explosive Wedding Photography: June 29, 30, July 1, 2012

We know that times are tough for photographers, the market is flooded and profits are down. However, we are not willing to let that ruin our dream of enriching people's lives though photography. With that in mind, Nicholas and Eric will show you all of the tips, tricks, and effective shortcuts to starting your business, maximizing your time and profits, and to gain explosive growth in a tough economy!  You will also get an opportunity to produce some portfolio-quality images under the guidance of Nicholas, Eric and their coaches. The Workshop will include:

* Lighting shortcuts, * Client management, * Free Effective Marketing,  * Editing workflow, * Multi-Purpose Posing, * Photographing in less than ideal surroundings, * Psychology of the Client, * How to remember it all!

This will be a three-day seminar that is both fun and capable of increasing your revenue 200%! We will be spraying the lucky attendees with lighting, planning, customer, and post-processing workflow magic bullets that will put time back in your day and money in your wallet.

There's one part theory - one part model shootout - and one part creativity!

Those were the BIG news items for today. Let me leave you with a few Quick Hit Monday Links and then I've got to go.  Enjoy!! -David

Canvass Wrap Actions - Indispensable!!!

Canvass ActionsThis is about the best free action set I've seen lately.  We had an image going through the studio a few weeks ago that needed canvass mounting with the canvass wrap.  I could have “fussed” with the image in Photoshop for far too long so hit the "NET" to see if I could find an easier way to set up my image for ordering.  Time to HIT THIS LINK RIGHT HERE!! This link will give you, count them, 5 actions that help you prepare your image for printing so your next canvass wrap comes out perfect!  I prefer the Mirror Wrap.  These are indispensable actions - and they are FREE!  Enjoy!

Landscape PhotosComposing Dynamic Landscape Images: [link]

Utterly beautiful landscape photograph and a good description on how to achieve an outstanding result.  A great read!!!  DAZ

LightmeterHow To Use a Light Meter in Photography:  [link]

I’m not a big light meter user since I use the light-meter built into the camera, but I think this is a very instructive video tutorial by top photographer, Mathew Jordon Smith, on the subject.  He makes a very good case on why and when to use a light meter.  It’s short and sweet and loaded with good info.

Hey gang, that’s got to be it for me today.  I’m still way behind the “eight ball” and need to get back to the book. 

Have a great rest of the day and I hope to see you tomorrow for a late afternoon Technique Tuesday.

See ya’ then, David

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