Monday, February 13, 2012

Quick Hit Monday: New Videos; QR Codes; Winning; and Photoshop Freebies – Lots!

Good Afternoon Everybody,

DAZ Loose endsI thought I was going to get the post up a little earlier today but, as usual, things got away from me as I’m still following up on last week's convention, prepping for WPPI next week, and Photoshop World a few weeks after that. What do they say, "Staying busy keeps you young."  Don't believe it!!!  ;~)

Actually, it is quite fun and I love being part of it all. 
We're really looking forward to heading to Las Vegas on Saturday and catching up with so many friends that we expect to see at the show.  It's a huge crowd of photographers that attend the show - about 12,000 - with lots of great programs and a fabulous trade show. I sure hope to see some of you there.

Currently, I'm only scheduled for the Westcott booth on Monday at 1:00 and Wednesday at 3:00.  Most of the time we'll just be hanging around the show so if you spot me, come on up and say HI.

My New Kelby Training Videos Are "LIVE"

With all of my PhotoPro Expo duties these last few weeks, I forgot to tell you that my last two Kelby Training videos just went "LIVE".  I'm really happy with both of them. Hey, and if you were at PhotoPro Expo 2012, you got a FREE 1 Week Pass to Kelby Training, so check them out.

Here are the titles and descriptions:

Photographing Couples:  [link]

Square-Ziser“David Ziser is back with all new creative techniques for finding the right clothing, locations, and poses to create stunning photos that capture the magic and romance. As David works, he talks through his process and his gear choices while sharing priceless tips on everything from camera settings to the most flattering poses.

You’re guaranteed to come away from this class with a brand new arsenal of professional secrets that will immediately improve how, when, and where you shoot your next wedding.” [link]

DAZNOTE:  The course description implies that it is a wedding course - it is NOT!  It is a course for learning how to shoot couples.  No brides or groom's were injured in any way on the shoot, mainly because we didn't photograph brides and grooms ;~)

Composition Made Easy: [link]

Square-Ziser“Join David Ziser as he teaches you how to use an arsenal of on-location composition techniques. Go behind the scenes as David shoots a parking garage, private mansion, and corporate buildings and cityscapes. You’ll learn how to recognize and shoot a wide variety of visual elements to create spectacular, one-of-a-kind compositions. David also shares his personal tips and tricks for camera settings, lenses, and lighting gear that are guaranteed to boost your creative photography.”

DAZNOTE: I LOVED doing this video, even though we all got fried in the 100+ degree sun for two days.

OK, I'm Trying To Be Humble

DAZ - LD with AwardsWell, I really am trying, but I also forgot to tell you I was named top wedding photographer with my print entries at last week's PP Expo Print Competition!  I was surprised and thrilled!  It kind of takes you back when you're MC-ing the Awards Presentation and then you see you're name on the list as one of the award recipients - felt very nice as well as exciting.

On top of that, I won the LexJet Award, too.  That was for best image printed on LexJet media. Above is LaDawn and I with the “hardware”. Here are a few of my images below.  Hope you like them.

Ziser_Cant't Take My Eyes Off Of You

Wings Of Love

Ziser_Autumn Serenade

Ziser_City Dance

Ziser_Hey What About Me

Ziser_Autumn Dance

How In The World Do They Make Those Weird Looking QR Codes?

qurified - PPEI was wondering the same thing Sunday when we received a few suggestions from some of our PPE2012 attendees suggesting that we needed to incorporate them into some of our convention signage.  So I did a little research and found the easiest solution possible.

Head over to this link RIGHT HERE, filling the URL for which you need a QR code and presto, there it is.  Save it out as a .PNG file - up the resolution to 300 DPI for printing and you are good to go.  It was way easy.  Scan the one above with your smart phone to see how it works. Now my head is spinning for new uses for QR Codes.  Got any ideas ???

Photoshop Freebies - Lots!
Hey gang, I don't want to keep you here all night but let me point you toward some good Photoshop Freebies before I get out of here today.

1. 25 Background Pattern For Designers – Really Nice!  - DAZ [link]

2. Download 35 Free & Handy Photoshop Texture Design – I’m A Texture geek – DAZ [link]

3. 500+ Photoshop Custom Shapes for Graphic and Web Designers: The Mother load – don’t miss this link - DAZ [link]

4. 40 Impressive Photoshop Tutorials Of 2012 – This will keep you busy for a week! – DAZ  [link]

5. 15 Sets of Free Fur Photoshop Brushes: Sooo… soft – DAZ [link]

6. 20 Refreshing Still Liquid Textures – Very Cool! DAZ [link]

Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  Boy do I have a treat for you tomorrow . Watch for it a little later in the day.  I’m posting the second part of our worldwide webcast of our PhotoPro Expo 2012 Print Competition for you. 

We had approximately 400 watching online but I knew not everyone would be able to tune in during the “LIVE” webcast. Lot’s of good info in this 3 hour long webcast.  You’ll enjoy seeing and hearing how a juried print competition works, the elements and criteria the judges used and much more.  It’s a wonderful learning experience and I hope to see you in next year’s competition.

See ya’ tomorrow everybody,



  1. My camera club uses them next to the title/price tags on prints we display at shows. The link takes them to a direct purchase page on our website.

    There is a plugin for OpenOffice so you can make them offline.

    There maybe a plugin for Word but I don't own a copy.

  2. My comment is about your videos both here and on Kelby Training. I'm not a wedding photographer, but I ALWAYS watch your videos. I've really learned a lot about lighting and subject placement from you! Thank you for being so generous with your skill, experience, and knowledge. -Brian