Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Good Deal Wednesday! Pssst…, Be Sure To Read The Last Post Entry

Good Evening Everyone,

You guested it – it’s still super busy around here.  I thought I had a little breathing room in today’s schedule, but my afternoon filled up pretty quickly then a friend came by and we had a nice visit, and then the day was behind me.  I still wanted to get today’s post up for you so me and my 4 typing fingers (up from three) are still at the keyboard punching out the post ;~)

DAZNOTE: First off, a few folks are wondering when Technique Tuesday will return.  Our regular Technique Tuesdays should return next week – already working on one.  But remember, I’ll be at WPPI all week too so I’ll want to keep you abreast of all the Las Vegas happenings too. 

Hey gang, for today’s post I need to keep it short so let me tell you about two specials being offered to all the PhotoPro Expo attendees.  I checked with Perfectly Clear and Metal Mural to see if it would be OK to mention them here and they graciously agreed to make these specials available to our DPT readers too. So here we go.

Perfectly Clear: 12 Corrections, 1 Click and One Steal Of A Deal!

Perfectly ClearI talked with Brad Malcolm, president of Athentech Imaging, makers of the wonderfully efficient Perfectly Clear software after PhotoPro Expo 2012 and Brad offered to extend the show discounts for two more weeks and make them available to our DPT readers.

Here is the deal$$$

$50 off Perfectly Clear plugin for Photoshop or Lightroom  (reg. price $199).  Please use code: 65FEAEA0

$75 off Perfectly Clear Plug-in bundle for both Photoshop or Lightroom (reg. price $249)

Please use Code: 8877305A

Perfectly Clear  B-A

Be sure to check out Perfectly Clear's online videos[link] and watch how easy it is to get great results on 100's of images in only minutes. Perfectly Clear is a great workflow solution and a must-have for today's digital photographer.

Best Wall Display Ever! Metal Murals 40% Off!

I first met our friends at Metal Mural about three years ago and was blown away by their brand new impressive metal collage wall decor. There was simply nothing on the market that compared to what they were showing - and I loved it!Metal Mural

Anyway, since they were a late entry to our PhotoPro Expo trade show they wanted to be sure everybody had an opportunity to check out their products and have graciously offered to extend their show specials deadline and also make the offer to our DPT readers too. 

Metal Mural offers one of the most unusual and beautiful ways to display your images - on metal! The look is beautiful, contemporary and rich looking.  Check out their special landing page for all PhotoPro Expo 2012 attendees RIGHT HERE, order up a few samples and save yourself 40%!  Their offer expires on February 19, just a few days from today so don't delay!

Want To See What You Missed: Experience All The PhotoPro Expo 2012 Excitement!

How you ask?  Just become a PhotoPro Expo VIP Member [link]. It's only $49 to join, yes only $49!  Then you have complete access to the entire set of PhotoPro Expo 2012 programming!

PhotoPro Network

That's right, we recorded all the programs at this year's PhotoPro Expo 2012.  We're still in the process of editing them and making them available on-line but when they're ready to go, you'll be the first to know. I wasn’t going to mention this for a few weeks so consider this a “soft” announcement for something very special.

What an outstanding opportunity to re-invigorate yourself with over 30 hours of some of the finest programming on the planet!

Hey, that's not all - we already have 35 hours of content on-line right now for your viewing and educational enjoyment!  As a member you are eligible to enter Print Competition and have a chance to win awards, cash and many other prizes. Just a couple top reasons to join PhotoPro Network!

And, there are available other member benefits as well. Check them out RIGHT HERE and join today! It will be the best business decision you made this year!


Hey gang, I’ve got to go.  It’s nearly 7:00 p.m. and it’s been a long day.  Back at you tomorrow with a brand new Business Day Thursday. 

See ya’ then, David

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