Friday, February 17, 2012

Frenzied Friday–Heading Out To WPPI Tomorrow

Good Afternoon Everybody,

WPPI 2012I’m just checking in to let you know we’ll be attending WPPI Convention in Las Vegas all next week.  WPPI is one of the best photography conventions in the US to attend, after PhotoPro Expo of course ;~)

They have the largest trade show ever this year and are expecting in excess of 12,000 attendees!  Yep, it’s one “monster” show.  I suspect I’ll see several of our DPT readers in Las Vegas, so be sure to say Hi.

WPPI trdaeshow

WHY?  LaDawn and I will be looking for the top speakers at the show and inviting them to do a series of webcasts for us at DPT this year.  I expect this will be one super BIG highlight of for 2013.

Here are a few of the speakers who programs we will try to attend.

Zach and Jody Gray – Two of my favorite young photographers.

Jason Groupp – The Speedlight  world record holder

The Boudoir Divas – Shaking up the photography scene

Quin and DaveDave and Quin Cheung – Two of my favorite young and happening wedding photographers

Jeremy Cowart – of Help-Portrait fame

Clay Blackmore – A good friend and one of the top wedding photographers in the world.

Jeff Medford and Ross Hockrow – Experts in Fusion projects

Bill McIntosh and Leslie McIntosh – Bill is one of the legends in this profession.

Scott Robert Lim – One of the top wedding photographers from California

Neil Van Niekirk – Master of the on-camera flash.

Hey gang, that’s my TOP 10 list.  Wish me luck – it’s going to be an exciting year at  I sure hope you will spread the word!


Time to finish packing the bags.  Have a great weekend everyone and I see you in Vegas baby!


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  1. I wish I could be going to WPPI. Heard it's always a blast. I'm very familiar with Neil Van Niekirk's work and recently began following Zach & Jody Gray. Those guys are top-notch.

    Enjoy your time there!