Friday, April 01, 2011

Times Square Up Close and Personal Plus Live On The Grid

Good Morning Everybody,

The sun finally reappears in Orlando this morning after a week of rain, thunder, tornado warnings, gray cloudy skies  and chilly temperatures.

Once again were under the gun to get to the Tech Expo at Photoshop World Orlando. I’m doing a presentation in the Manfrotto booth this morning and then it’s back on the road for LaDawn and I. We’re heading back to Atlanta and looking forward to catching up with Joe McNally and David Hobby’s Flash Bus Tour hitting Atlanta on Saturday.

Time’s Square – Up Close and Personal

Yesterday turned out to be quite a day.  My morning interview with Bert Monroy went exceptionally well.  So well in fact I’m doing an extensive post on it next week – you are going to love it.

Let me give you a quick preview.  Remember, I said that seeing Bert’s awesome work of art up close and in person simply blows you away.

Take a look at these next three images.  The first shows a 1/4 section of the entire mural.  TS1The second shows Jeff Schewe on his Harley motorcycle. 


The third shows a close up of the Harley.


Notice how amazingly clear the detail is – that’s the story behind the entire pixel-by-pixel painted image. NO photographs included in this amazing art presentation! Tune in next week for the rest of the story.

“Live” On The Grid With Scott and Rick

OK, another cool thing happened yesterday. As we were racing through the Tech Expo Erik Kuna, asked if I could be one of the special guests on the Grid, the brand new TV show just launched by Kelby Media.  I said sure.

Scott was trying to track down Rick Sammon and I for this very special live episode. Yes, we were “live” from the show floor. 

DAZ Grid2

We showed up with minutes to spare, attached the microphones and were on the air “live for the next hour.  It was really an exciting experience – I understand 10,000 folks were tuned in.

It you missed it, you should be able to find it archived right here.  Erik told me it should be up sometime today.  I’ll tell you what made it so much fun is the fact that Rick, Scott, and myself are such fast talkers, passionate about our ideas, and excited to talk about photography.  I really think you’ll like watching our “”live” presentation.


Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  I’m running late for my shoot and I’ve got to be heading out the door.  I’ll see everybody next week and I’ll try to get DPT back on it’s regular schedule.

Keep your pixels smilin’ and I’ll see ya’ on the flip side of the weekend. 

Adios everybody,  David


  1. Dave, that is a BMW R1200GS Adventure not a Harley :)

  2. Hi there that bike is a BMW, the one next to it might BMW or KTM.


    Keep up the great work!

  3. That ain't no Harley.

  4. Great post, but Jeff's bike is a BMW, not a Harley.

  5. David, just an FYI, in the Times Square image, that is a BMW motorcycle, not a Harley. Fans of either brand would be horrified by your mistake... even worse than calling a Canon, a Nikon (or vice versa)! LOL!!

  6. Sorry David, that's not a Harley. Looks more like a BMW