Friday, April 22, 2011

Convention Wrap Up & A Few Personal Observations

Good Morning Everybody,

FairmountIMG_4290-EditToday is our last day in Banff, Alberta after staying at the iconic Banff Springs Fairmont Hotel.  We head back to Calgary tomorrow, jump on our Delta jet, and arrive back home late tomorrow evening.

It has been a wonderful week long visit to this part of the world. We’ve filled our time with convention activities, reconnecting with good friends, making some new ones, good food, and sight seeing.

Trip Highlights:

LaDawn and I were sitting in the Rundle Lounge yesterday afternoon reminiscing about the trip. I was quick to point out the highlights for me.  First and foremost was the friendliness and warm hospitality the Canadian photographers offered to us during our visit. From the day we arrived till the wrap of the convention Wednesday evening, we felt welcomed and grateful.

Hanging With The Photographers

DAZ and AJOne nice surprise was meeting Ajaz Akhter who traveled all the way from Karachi, Pakistan. Yes, AJ certainly received the long distance travel award. AJ introduced himself and honored me by telling me he had traveled the great distance, in addition to attending the convention, he had registered to take my Early Bird program on Wednesday.  He is staying with his brother this upcoming week in Toronto and then flying to Dallas, TX the following week to attend my Texas School class. Hey AJ, can’t wait to see you in Texas!

My long day on Wednesday beginning with my Early Bird program at 7:00 a.m. and wrapping 10 hours later to a standing ovation from the audience of my “Captured By The Light” program was both exciting and quite humbling.  Thank you to all for your enthusiastic response – it will be long remembered.

My Early Bird ProgramPeterIMG_4497-Edit

I have to tell you – getting to shoot in the Banff Springs Fairmont Hotel sure was a treat – so much history, so many beautiful locations, so many opportunities for creating exciting images – the shoot could not have gone better.

JennaIMG_4548The scenery itself offered photographic possibilities I just don’t get back home in good ol’ KY.  I loved every minute of the session and I think my class did too.  My thanks to Peter and Jenna for standing in and being such great models.

The Spectacular Views

As LaDawn and I made the 20 minute walk into town yesterday, I commented that Banff has to be about the most beautiful place in the world.  Regardless of the direction you look the snowcapped mountains rose majestically and picture perfectly to the sky.

As we were crossing the bridge into town I hear my name called and meet Frank from the UK. He is a consistent reader of the blog and has arrived in Banff for Holiday and a wedding of a friend in a few more days. Thanks Frank for stopping to say HI!

Lake Tahoe is the only other place we’ve been that  rivals the sights at Banff.  Needless to say, I burned through a few megapixels during the visit.

The Weather Is A Changing

Snow Falling On CedarsIMG_4228-EditNever in my life have I seen the weather change so suddenly and completely so often.  In many locations around the United States we say, “If you don’t like the weather, just stick around 15 minutes and it will change.”  That is an exaggeration in Cincinnati but it is truly the case in Banff, Alberta.

Walk to BanffIMG_4666Many times during the week we would rise to a socked in view of the mountains only a few hours later the sun was trying to peek through the clouds.  Soon the fog would lift and we were presented with the spectacular views of the Canadian Rockies.

A hour or so later, we would be sitting at the Rundle Lounge enjoying an adult beverage and the snow would be coming down like crazy.  Cloudy, snowy, sunny – it was always breathtaking!

Fabulous Food For Us Foodies

You know, when your sit down in a new restaurant, you always expect the food to be good – why would you be there otherwise.  Our dining experiences while staying at the Banff Springs Fairmont were beyond ordinary. 

Rundle LoungeWe visited every restaurant on the premises and each one offered a range of flavors dining experience that will be long remembered.  The Rundle Lounge offered a wonderful range of mouth watering entrées that we enjoyed more that once.  My favorite was the perfectly prepared Salmon Bouillabaisse – unbelievable!  Oh, I need to say the the Rundle Lounge also offered the most fabulous views of Sundance Canyon which I,ve featured several times in my posts this week.

Castello RestuarntThe Castello Ristorante was another one of our favorites.  We shared dinner with our friends, Tim and Bev Walden, and dined on a range of flavors from appetizers to desserts that made the visit one of our most memorable culinary experience.

Catching Up With Old Friends

Tim and Bev Walden, our good friends from the great state of Kentucky were also presenting at the convention.  You know, we live about 75 minutes from each other but often see each other when traveling.  When in the same city at the same time we always try to get together for a visit. 

It was good to catch up with so many of our Canadian photographer friends too – Joseph and Louise Simone, Don MacGregor, Sam Sciarrino, and Craig Minielly – winner of this year’s Josef Karsh Award.  I’ll tell ya’, connecting with your friends in real life – laughing, joking, talking, and just visiting sure beats the quick hit Facebook hook up any time! That’s one of the best things about being part of your photographic association and going to the annual conventions.


It’s been a great stay and we have one more day.  LaDawn and I are heading out to take in a bit more of the countryside heading over to Lake Louise, one of the geographic gems of the area.  Yes, lot’s more shooting today.

In closing, let me wish everyone a very Happy Easter.  May it be filled with love, family, and lots of chocolate bunnies. 

Have a great weekend and I’ll see you back in Kentucky on Monday.


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