Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Great Shooting Yesterday!

Good Morning Everybody,

Yesterday kicked off the second day of my Master Class and that meant heading out on location to see if the images I showed in the classroom were as easy to produce in a real world situation. Jennifer, my studio manager, lined up a great set of models for us and everyone was anxious to get shooting.

Peaselburg We headed out in our very cool coach with Fred as our driver.  Fred is a very nice guy, by the way.  Everyone really liked the idea of the big bus “trucking” us all around town. Our main location for yesterday’s shoot was the historic St. Augustine Church in Peaselburg, yes, Peaselburg – a working class part of the city of Covington, KY settled by the immigrant Germans long ago.

I think everyone was impressed with the church – it was quite beautiful.  It made a stunning location for our photographs. The weather finally decided to cooperate by late morning and we could even work the grounds around the church too.  More on that later this week.

0005-DAZ Day 1-IMG_3799 In addition to showing the class the compositional rules and lighting  techniques that are always part of the class, I got to “play” (i.e. experiment with those little radio slaves I talked about yesterday in my Technique Tuesday tutorial.  I captured a few great images like the one I posted today, but the little units proved not to have the range of the Quantum FreeWires the rest of the class was using.

On that note, my sincere thanks to my buddy, Lorry Rosen, at Quantum, who shipped in $7,000 worth of Quantum lighting gear the class could use for the week.  We organized into 4 groups of 5 for the day’s shooting – everyone got to use the same lighting set up I use at all my events and quite often discuss here at DPT.  This morning we’ll review their images – I can’t wait!0001-DAZ Day 1-IMG_3690

After lunch today, we head to downtown Cincinnati, OH for some more great locations and finish at Drees Pavilion at sunset and hope the sky cooperates so we can capture some exciting sunset and nighttime images to wrap the day.

This is a very long day for everyone but it’s all part of the fun at our Master Class.


And speaking of class, I’ve got to head out in a few minutes – class starts in less than an hour.  Check back tomorrow – if I’ve got time, I’m going to post an article that puts a new spin on selling in today’s economy.  It’s a completely different approach than what I’ve taught over the years.  I’d like to see what you think.

Hope to see you tomorrow,  David

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