Friday, June 12, 2009

You Light Up My Life Friday - Party Shadows

Good Morning Everybody,
Man, Blogger has been driving me crazy these last few days trying to get these posts up. The scrolling feature isn't working correctly when I try to add pictures and it seems any time I make a small change in formatting, font size goes to microscopic and then back again. Mike, where you are - any suggestions ;~) Mike gave us the tour of Google when we were is San Jose last month [link]. He is my life-line for anything Google!!

Anyway, enough with the griping. The weekend starts today with me and no weddings this weekend - WOW! A few days off in a row. I'm livin' large!

I got a nice little post for you today. It covers how to do some special lighting effects at the wedding reception. Hit the "Read more ..." link below for the rest of the story. (Now I have to cross my fingers to see if I can get this posted in under 2 hours)

Here we go.

You Light Up My Life Friday - Party Shadows
OK gang, this is a pretty easy post today. I call it Party Shadows. I like to take this image near the end of the evening. The dance floor isn't so crowded so the shadows are much easier to create. With too many people on the dance floor, you end up with one big shadow so fewer dancer is better.
This image was made at a small wedding I did last weekend. Only about 85 guests, hence the small dance floor. Still, no problem, the technique is still the same. I simply had my assistant go to the opposite side of the dance floor about 15 feet or so from the crowd. He is holding my Quantum T5d flash about 4 feet off the ground and pointing directly at the dancers.

The Quantum is being triggered via the FreeWire receiver which is activated by the FreeWire transmitter Velcro-ed to the top of my on-camera 580 EXII flash which is NOT firing. We also gelled the flash with a red gel for added effect. Hitting any of the links above will provide for you all the details on my gear.

We may do this a few times throughout the evening just to be sure we've captured some satisfactory images. It's kind of fun and "spices up" the reception coverage a bit too. It little things like this that are just a bit different from what the competition is doing and gets a notice from prospective clients when they view our work. Remember, it's always the difference that makes the difference.

Hey everybody, that's it for me today. I'll see everybody on the other side of the weekend - all the pixels willin'. See ya' then, -David


  1. David, I read your blog every day and really appreciate all of your knowledge that you have chosen to share with the wedding photography and photography community in general.

  2. David, I went to a workshop in Houston recently and learned about this blog. I love it and have recomended it to so many friends. I learn so much. I really appreciate you sharing all this information. Some photographers sit on their techniques and refuse to give away secrets to their success. You however wonderfully share brilliant ideas, techniques, and money friendly tips. You also inspired me to incorporate video into my photography. I can't wait to get a project started. Thank you thank you thank you. I'm looking forward to your new book.

    PS - I have been holding my breath to see who the next grand prize winner it. I hope that is coming soon!