Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"On Top Of The World"

"On Top Of The World"
©David A. Ziser

This image was taken at a workshop a number of years ago in California. We made a trip to the beach and found this wonderful setting. Once again it is a film image taken with my Hasselblad. And, once again it is another one of my fisheye lens images. I was always a big fan of the fisheye and love the effect I got when I used this "monster" lens on my Hasselblad. There were two light sources used in this image -- one to backlight the couple and the second coming in from the right hand side to create the loop lighting pattern that I prefer on all my images. Both light sources were radio controlled so that I could be assured of consistency of the flash firing in making this image. A few readers may recognize my bride in this particular image. It is Suzette Allen who happens to be my model for the shoot. Suzette is a great photographer and also a world-class teacher and lecturer on Photoshop. Here is the link to her site if you want some outstanding training materials available in Photoshop. Camera specs; Hasselblad 500 CM camera fitted with Fisheye 30 mm Distagon lens, F5.6 @ 1/500 second, Kodak Vericolor 400 film (best recollection). Enjoy! – David

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  1. Do you ever miss your leaf shutter since you're using digital now?