Thursday, June 04, 2009

Business Day Thursday: Ins And Outs Of Twittering & Twittering For Business

Good Late Afternoon Everybody,
Sorry for the late post – we had to get an early start to Oklahoma City today and there wasn’t time to get the post up before leaving. Tomorrow should be back to normal.

Ahhh! Yesterday I was feeling about 1/2 Texan. Jerry Ward, the Canon rep for the Dallas/Ft.Worth area steered us (notice the clever pun in the spelling) to the Hard Eight Barbeque– This local favorite is considered one of the best in the area – 4 stars well deserved. Pretty darn good food, I must say.

We had another wild Texan crowd last night – which means, of course, that another good time was had by all. We also had a few members of the Ft. Worth Professional Photographers Association stop by too. Ed Barrera, the president made a short announcement about the association and why photogs should join.

Any photogs reading this should consider joining the local association. That’s how I got my start – as a young photog wanting to learn as much as I could, I joined my local association. It was a way for me to “rub elbows” with the best in the city and maybe learn a thing or two that would help my business. Where ever you are anywhere in the world, if photography is your vocation, you owe it to yourself to check out the local photography associations and consider being a part of the group.

Booking Bonus Contest Extended
In last Thursday's post - Booking Bonuses To seal The Deal [link] - I discussed how we could give our clients some added incentives for booking their wedding with us. I got a lot of great ideas from our readers. I’d like to extend the contest for another week and see some more suggestions posted. The prize for the best idea will be a $50 B&H gift certificate. So gang, let’s get those ideas coming – heck, that $50 Gift Card may just give you the start you need to purchase the new Canon 5D Mark II ;~)

OK, time to get to today’s post - Twittering For Business. Hit the “Read More…” button for the rest of the story.

So what do you know about Tweeting. If your like me, not so much. That’s what prompted me to write this post. I wanted to find out what all the fuss was about. I did a little research and turned up some pretty good information. Read on…

Ins And Outs Of Twittering & Twittering For Business
I have to admit, I feel like such a novice when it comes to all this Twitter and Facebook stuff. I’m planning to get a better hand on it over the summer. Why, because I believe, if we don’t the competition will pass us by.

I’ve decided to put together a list of resources I’ve found to help those of us a bit more challenged with the social media phenomenon and get up to speed a bit more quickly. If you guys and gals got some good sources too, I hope you will post them in the comment section below. OK, let’s get to it.

Here are my Favorite 4 Resources to kick start you on Facebook and Twitter
1. Chris Brogan's blog has a great post telling us how we can use Twitter for business. Here is the link to 50 Ideas For Using Twitter For Business. Highly recommended reading.

2. Another of my favorite leads for getting up to speed on Twitter is available at Check out their post - 16 Twitter Tips For Small Business Owners right here.

3. has an informative post entitled, "4 Ways Companies Use Twitter For Business" - again a nice info resource with a number of links [link] - worth the read.

4. OK gang, this one is my favorite. Head over to YouTube and check out the O'Reilly web-cast - " Twitter For Business" right here. This great presentation by Sarah Milstein who has been on Twitter since day 1. This is about an hour long presentation and worth very minute. Sarah covers every aspect of Twitter quite thoroughly and answers several questions - maybe even some you may have on your mind too. I found this presentation to be the best.

I think these resources will really give you some great incite into Twitter's possibilities. I'm going to re-read the the posts myself over the weekend - good stuff!!.

Anyway gang, that's it for me today. My program starts in about an hour and I've got to get scootin'. See everybody bright and early tomorrow. Adios from Norman, Oklahoma. -David

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  1. What I enjoy about your blog is not only the the breadth of experience you share in all thing photography, but the recognition that continued improvement is an ingredient to success.

    Regarding Twitter here are some additional items that may be of use to readers of your blog:

    Nearby Tweets - This site is great for finding people who tweet about the same things you do in your city.

    Tweetlater - I use this app for automating important tweets for my followers. This is how I maintain my Adobe Tip at Noon M-F. It also helps me to screen followers which is good for blocking spambots.

    Twitter can be used a number of ways, and for myself it's just an extension of face-to-face networking. I have had the opportunity & privilege to meet folks in other cities simply by tweeting my presentations when arriving in town.

    Twitter also keeps me informed. I wouldn't have gotten advanced notice of OnOne software's new DSLR Remote for the iPhone if I wasn't following Mike Wong (@therealmikewong)

    On a final note, I wanted to answer your question about Facebook from Tuesday evening in Dallas.

    You can use Facebook Notes to automatically grab the RSS feed from this blog. As you post here it will post on your Facebook page (and if you have a business page on Facebook you can import there too)

    1. To import the RSS feed, go to your Profile page.

    2. Across the top is the Facebook menubar, select Settings then Application Settings.

    3. On the next page look for the Notes application. (Navigate the pages if necessary). You'll see Notes and Edit Settings to the right. Click on NOTES. (Edit settings is for security)

    4. After clicking on NOTES you will be taken to the NOTES page for your profile. There is a gray box to the right titled Notes Settings. Within this box you should see the option to Import Notes. Clicking the link will walk you through adding your blog's RSS feed.

    Once added every blog update will show on your Facebook page.

    Enjoyed your presentation Tuesday. I'm hoping this is the year I can get my schedule clear the week you have your Master Class. Be safe in you travels!