Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Technique Tuesday: Easy Portrait Lighting

Good Morning Everybody,
What a day yesterday. Blogger was a bit problematic yesterday and I was down to the wire to get the post up before I had to head to the airport. With about 60 minutes to go, I hit "Publish" and headed out the door for the airport - whew! What was cool though was the fact that Delta had Internet connect on the plane, so at 34,000 feet I was able to get a head start on today's post - pretty cool.

We had a great crowd in San Antonio last night – they were about the best “Door Prize” crowd yet even dancing in the aisles when they won. Lots of fun!! A good time was had by all.

Josh and his team from Limelight Studios - David, Chris, Desirae, Angel and Marisol (Josh's fiance) came by and took good care of getting the room set for LaDawn. After the program we all headed to Chacho's about 11:30 p.m. Chacho's restaurant is one of the local favorite restaurants very close to the hotel. It was still hoppin' at mid-night and the food was great. After a few margaritas I was ready to call it a day after 22 straight hours.

Just a reminder that the Cincinnati Photo Walk scheduled for Saturday, July 18th is filling up FAST! Only a few remaining spaces available. I'd love to have you be a part of the day. Here is the Cincy LINK so you can join in on a fun photo experience and true camaraderie with 50 other photographic enthusiasts.

LaDawn is still looking for a helper or two for Wednesday in Arlington / Ft. Worth. If you'll willing to lend a helping hand with set-up, registration and tear down please give her a quick email at ladawn@ziser.com. We will be on the road for several hours so LaDawn may not be able to respond to you until late this afternoon. THANK YOU in advance.

Hey, let's get to my short and sweet Technique Tuesday today - hope you enjoy it.

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Here we go...

Easy Portrait Lighting
Typically if we were going to photograph our subject against the sky as I have done in this image, many photogs would just use their on-camera flash and shoot away. Let me show you in this short tutorial how you can easily use your on-camera flash to create beautiful and flattering lighting on your subject. Just hit the PLAY button and enjoy the show.

Hey gang, that’s it for today’s short and sweet post. We’ve got a long drive to Dallas, Texas so we’ve got to hit the road. Hey, we might just check out some Texas barbecue along the way. So see ya’ tonight in Dallas. Wait, what’s that I hear in the distance? It’s true, it’s a real life “pixel” band singing, “I’m so lonesome in the sensor since the battery died ;~)
See ya’ gang, -David


  1. Where'd the fill light come from? Spill off the front of the flash?
    Bounce reflector?

    It looks like too much light in the shadows of the face to be a 90° angle bounce.

  2. I'll venture to guess that the shadows are being helped along by ambient light bouncing around

  3. Hi David & LaDawn!
    We, my husband and I were at your get together in San Antonio last night. We won the WPPI Las Vegas passes!
    We were so thrilled, and what an answer to prayer that was, as we have been wanting to attend more training classes to really boost our business!
    Your work is wonderful! Thank you for sharing your techniques.
    Sorry we didn't to stay and visit.
    Next time for sure.
    Rick & Kim Larranaga

  4. 5 minutes? Video was only 2:51! :-)

    I've been struggling with this. I've read all you've written and shown about this technique, read everything Dennis Reggie had to say that I could find (and was fortunate enough to talk to him a bit about it), and go through the volumnous information that Neil van Niekerk has on his Planet Neil website (http://www.planetneil.com/tangents/flash-photography-techniques/), and I'm still struggling. I've had some success, too, though:


    I keep plugging away at it, but I'm not having anywhere near the success you guys who are teaching this are having.

  5. Great lighting tip, David. Very clever usage of simple light.

    Thanks for your great videos.