Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Technique Tuesday: Shooting The Groom; Keeping It Simple, Natural, and Classy

Good Morning Everybody,
Day one turned out to be a pretty easy day down here in the smokies. A light drizzle most of the day still gave a rich, saturated look to the last vestiges of fall color still clinging to some of the trees outside our windows. Because of all the moisture here at 3500 feet, many of the trees have what seems to be a perpetual mossy - a slightly muted green color - look on their trunks. The last time I saw this same moss on the trees was in Scotland about 2 years ago. It really looks cool to see it on so much of the foliage here. I'm looking forward to getting a chance to capture the beauty with a mega-pixel or two this week.

But enough about the weather already. It's Technique Tuesday, so let's get on with the show...

Shooting The Groom; Keeping It Simple, Natural, and Classy
Last week I discussed how I photographed the bride on the wedding day. Well, let's not forget the groom on the wedding day either. I've said so many times in my seminars that we photographers are always concerned about her “bridal” portraits. But nobody ever talks about the “groomal” portraits we need to take.

In this tutorial, I’ll walk you through a series of images I create for the groom on the wedding day. These images are more than just quick snaps of the groom looking straight back into the camera. My goal is to make the groom look comfortable, handsome, and at ease in these shots. Hey, we always make the bride look good – we need to do the same for the groom as well.

I also want to show the groom among his surrounds. So in this tutorial I'll walk you through several images in which I photograph the groom by window light, natural light outdoors, in the sanctuary of the Church, and in many other types of situations. So, sit back and relax, hit the PLAY button below, and enjoy the presentation.

Hey everybody, that's it for me today. Check back tomorrow for another edition of the Analysis of A Wedding Shoot - Part 4. Have a good rest of the day, and I'll see you tomorrow.

Adios, -David


  1. Great tutorial David, any chance of getting a video showing you stock Bridal poses as well?

  2. Great stuff as always, David. Thanks so much.
    Quick story: when I was married, my wife was very upset that the photographer didn't take a single picture of me. He had taken picture of me with my groomsmen, but none of me alone. Fast forward 15 years when I shot my first wedding .... take one guess what I forgot to do ??? What goes around comes around I guess. :-)


  3. David, great content again. I love seeing your unedited images. They are fabulous before working on them. I always wonder what part of an image is camera technique and what part is photoshop technique. Also, thanks for mentioning your kelbytraining video. I'm going through it and love it.

  4. I love shooting the guys, often they are a lot of fun and want to do some crazy things. This past weekend I had all of the guys all fully dressed playing basketball.

  5. Great video. I have a wedding tomorrow and I will spend some extra time with the groom to up what I usually do. Thanks!!!!