Monday, December 29, 2008

Quick Hit Monday- Master Class News; Short Wait List For Canon 5D Mk II; How To Use 5D MkII Video Feature; Free Presets and Actions

Good morning everybody,
Well, I hope everyone made it through the first phase of the holidays. Now if we can all make it to the New Year, we will be home free. Things are a little slower at the studio. We always take this time off to catch our breath, regroup, and get ready for a brand new year. Things will be pretty much back to normal at DigitalProTalk too so how about on with the news…

Conversations/Discussions, and Insights- Oh My!
Hey gang, I just wanted to say thank you for the great response to my post Conversations/Discussions, and Insights that I posted last Wednesday. Here is the link again. That’s what I was hoping would happen.

By reading though all the comments from our DPT readers we were presented with a wealth of ideas and perspectives on the subject. Thanks to all who contributed to the post. We will have to do that again soon. I’ll fill you in on what I decide my shooting strategy will be as soon as I continue to fine tune my process.

My Very Popular Digital Master Class – At The Best Price Possible
I’ve mentioned my Digital Master Class [link] occasionally over the last few months. Here's the deal – we are also trying to help with this country’s economic stimulus package too and are holding the cost to $795 for a full week of eating, sleeping, and breathing digital photography, Lightroom and other magic bullet software solutions, business building and more.

After January 1, 2009 the cost will be $895. So give the studio a call at 1-800-292-2994. If we are out, leave a message and Jennifer will reserve your seat at the $795 price. Next week, that price ($795.) will be gone forever.

Tired Of The Long Waiting Lists For Your New Canon 5D Mark II
Wait no more, or at least, don’t wait so long. Someone asked me in a post how I had gotten my Mark II so quick. Everybody else had the super long wait lists so I just gave my buddies at K&R a call.

K&R Photographics is run by my buddies Rob and Wilma Kumler literally just minutes down the road from me about one exit away. They are one of the biggest Hasselblad dealers available dealing with all that high end photo equipment. I got my first Hassey from them many years ago. Anyway, they just became a Canon dealer earlier this year – hence no long waiting lists for the camera. Give a call at 859-341-6986 and see if they can shorten the wait for you too.

Canon 5D Mark II Tutorial On How To Use The Video Feature
And speaking of The Canon 5D Mark II, check out this handy tutorial I found over at 1001 Noisy Cameras. This is like a twenty minute lesson but covers a lot of the camera settings to get the most out of this new camera feature – worth a peek - here is the link right here.

Free Lightroom Presets and Actions From Epic Edits:
I got an email from fellow blogging buddy, Brian Auer over at Brian runs a very hot site covering a lot of different and interesting topics ranging from shooting film (must be that San Diego sun – just KIDDING!!!) to setting up a project to create a resource for free presets and Photoshop actions [link].

I opened the email late so I’m just getting the news out, and I’m afraid, a bit late. But, hopefully, the Preset/Action goodie basket is worth a peek. He did a review of a very cool action submitted a week or so ago – check it out right here.

Hey everybody, that's it for me today. But, don't forget to check back tomorrow for Technique Tuesday -- Finding and Seeing the Light. (If the weather holds, that is.) See you then, -- David


  1. David, I am excited to be in your Spring Master Class, but I was wondering about your tour. I can't bring all my friends in the National Association of Average Photographers to the Master Class, but I can bring them to your tour. Do you have Chicago area dates yet?

    Michael Fisher

  2. David, love your blogs. If you haven't checked out the 5D wiki ( yet, you should. Not only does it have the tutorial you mentioned, but it has gobs more info on the mk ii - including the largest collection of video and still samples on the planet. Not to mention daily status on new info.

  3. Yo, you have a note to add a link to your Digital Master Class but it's not actually there. Just a heads up.

  4. Thanks David for the info on how to shorten my time to a 5D Mrk II. Do you have any info on which video editing software works with the 5D Mrk II? Perhaps this might make a good blog in the future. Thanks again! Paul

  5. Get a Digital Master Class in Europe and I'll sign in.
    Until then, then... :)

  6. Michael,
    The tour dates are finally coming together after many revisions and up dates. New York City is scheduled for the fall, October 7, October 8 with Newark NJ scheduled for October 12th. Times will be from approximately 6:00-10:30pm. Registration cost will be in the area of $49-$69. I'm always open to suggestions of easily accessible, central or best-side-of-town hotel venues. Any suggestions are always appreciated. Thanks for your interest.

  7. Hi,
    I'm also wondering about 2009 tour dates for Chicago - hope to see this schedule soon! Thanks for all your blog help.