Monday, December 22, 2008

Quick Hit Monday: What Recession; Canon 50D Review; 50 Photography Photoshop Tutorials

Good morning everybody,
Well we made it back to Cincy late yesterday afternoon - a much easier drive if you blow off the scenic route at midnight over the mountains in the fog as we traveled last Sunday making our arrival into Cashiers N.C. We woke to the first sunny day all week and a gorgeous drive home.

Things are revving up for the holidays around here so I'm making it short and sweet today. The post is
not necessarily holiday related but still a good read and a little giggle along the way. Enjoy!

Recession, What Recession – Seen The Price Of Cameras Lately?
Wow, I hear about the recession every day on the news but have you checked the prices of cameras lately? I caught this story over at 1001 Noisy Cameras last week but it still makes me smile as I read it. It seems that the Canon 5D Mark II has been selling at a premium price because of its limited availability at several places on the Internet. Check out the whole story right here.

And speaking of
high prices, our intrepid newshound at 1001 Noisy Cameras, also posted this hot deal from Willoughby's camera [link]. Wow, at $12,700 for the camera bundle -- what recession?

And did you see
this one over at You-Tube where an infamous face of yesteryear looking forward to his new Nikon D3x but was shocked when he saw the price of the new camera. Here is that link. It's pretty funny and I think you'll get a giggle out of it. Thanks to DigitalProTalk reader, Doug Peek for the heads up on this one.

Still Need Christmas Ideas – How About A New Canon 50D
Christmas right around the corner and you still don't know what gift you're going to get your wife or girlfriend? Well, you can read the latest review on Canon's new 50D camera over at Photography Bay. Here is the link. Need some more information on the camera? Here is more info right here. That should help you make up your mind for this gift giving season and heck, she might even let you borrow it now and then.

One for the Road -- 50 Photography Photoshop Tutorials
Hey gang, before I hit the road let me point you to this link over at Smashing Magazine -- a terrific blog by the way -- where they have listed 50 photography Photoshop tutorials [link]. These aren't your junk run-of-the-mill tutorials but a great series that you can really sink your teeth into. Just consider this link a little gift from me to you this holidayseason;~)

everybody, that's it for me today. We are celebrating Christmas with LaDawn's family this afternoon and evening and Chef Daveed Arnold is doing the cooking - watch out Emeril, where ever you are, because I'm kickin' it up two notches!

And, don't forget to check back tomorrow for Technique Tuesday -- Finding and Seeing the Light. See you then, -- David

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