Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Technique Tuesday: Revisiting A Classic - Rock Mountain High

Good Morning Everyone,
I know, I know - what happened to that tutorial on "Finding The Light" I've been talking about? Well, it just wasn't meant to be today. I woke up with a major "bug" yesterday, spent 3 hours in the doctor's office and pharmacy and was down most of the day.
I thought I would just put together a quick substitution, but then was reminded by my very sore throat that I could hardly talk. LaDawn suggested I do what network TV does when they run into content issues or when Letterman or Leno are under the weather, on vacation, or out of town on a gig - run a re-run. Oops - Encore presentation!

I stressed about the suggestion, fretted about the impact here at DigitalProTalk.com - Would my readers leave in droves claiming that, "Ziser just runs the same old stuff, let's see what's happening over at the Strobist?" No, no - please don't go!!!

I wrestled with my decision, but then heartbroken decided to take her advice. Hey, it sure beats a "No Blog" Tuesday, doesn't it? So today, I give you "Rocky Mountain High - the Director's cut." Well, it's not really a director's cut, but it's still a terrific episode.

Why am I running this episode? Because it represents a very early episode which many of you more recent readers may not have had an opportunity to view. It's one of my first Technique Tuesday posts and had a very low view count. Secondly, it covers some really cool Photoshop techniques which we use around the studio nearly everyday. And thirdly, because I truly need to get some rest ;~) Doctor's, not to mention LaDawn's orders!

Anyway, give it a watch, even if you've seen it before - it's still great information. On that note gang, I'm out of here. The doc says I should be fine by tomorrow, so I'll see you then for another episode of "Analysis of a Wedding." See you then, -David


  1. David, Hope you feel better soon. As a relatively new follower of your blog, I enjoyed the encore presentation. I hope you do more.

  2. David,
    I hope you feel better. I liked the video, I wasn't an avid watcher then as I am now. Just finished your videos at kelbytraining, wonderful job. Hope to see you do another one there soon.

  3. Would you just use LR2 to do this now instead of using PS? If not, why?


  4. You may have stumbled on a good idea. I liked viewing this rerun.

    Why not pick your lowest Hit day and dub it the Rerun day, "Rerun Friday."

    The only thing I would like to see is your "Today's Comments" related to the rerun. In other words, (like the above question), would you now use LR2, or would you use/try a newer lighting technique, etc?


  5. Take a hot toddy every 3 hours and go to bed!....enjoy your blog very much. Kenneth

  6. thanks so much for the tutorial! really loved it! look forward to hearing you at wppi.