Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wednesday - Photoshop World Pre-Con Day

Good morning everyone,

Today is the day - Photoshop World kicks off today with a great line up of pre-conference sessions. I have the honor of presenting the "On-Location Wedding Shoot". This is always great fun and the attendees love it. Last year, the man himself - Mr. Scott Kelby - came by to say hi along with Photoshop guru Dave Cross. Scott told me a few weeks ago he was planning to be here today, too. I wonder if he gets a special discount ;-) I'll have images up here tomorrow from today's session.

Just a short note about Bert Monroy's visit to Cincy last Friday. Boy, does he really know his stuff. I have never seen anyone "mouse" so quickly through all the Photoshop Stuff he showed us at the program. It was like that old Maxell ad years ago that showed the guy holding on to his chair for dear life, hair blowing straight back. Many of us felt like that at Bert's program. Be sure to catch the Photoshop Creativity Tour when it comes to a town near you - it's well worth it.

Follow up to Bert's visit - I was strolling through the mini - trade show at one of the breaks and saw a very attractive lady at the Photoshop User booth. I knew she looked familiar, and then it hit me - it's Debbie, Scott's "Bride model", we have been seeing in his new Lightroom and Photoshop for Digital Photographers books. I even took this souvenir photo of us.

A Bit More on Sunday's Wedding - I just wanted to leave you a few more notes on Sunday's big wedding. In the back-lit images, I had my assistant positioned behind my couple about 12 feet away. This gives a nice wrap around effect to the rim lighting. In the image of them on the stairway, the flash was only a few feet behind them because of the space limitation, but we still got a good result. I also tested the Canon Mark III at the ISO 6400 setting - looked darn good to me. After Noise Ninja, I'm sure it will be fine. The sax player was at ISO 6400. That's about it on the wedding. We will get some more photo tips posted as the blog settles in. Check yesterday's slide show for the images I'm referring too.

A Few News Flashes - then I "gota" go:
I'm intrigued by GPS data being added to the image meta data. I posted an article on it a while back. Today over at Terry White's blog he has found another one from Sony and goes into great depth on it. It's a GPS Sony Unit for Digital Still Cameras - Give it a read at Terry's blog - he has the entire low-down on it right here. - very "geeky" but still cool.

Now Everybodys Getting Into Digital:
Here is a funny story from the Telegraph over in the UK - Longleat Meerkats take photos of themselves. Yep, that's what it read. The article showed the inquisitive Meerkats taking - are you ready for this - Family pictures! It's good read for a "giggle" today. Here is the link.

Photoshop Tutorial:
Here is an interesting Photoshop Tutorial on how to create a photo woven from interweaving strips. The result looks very interesting. I'll give it a try when I get back to the studio. Here is the link.

I Save the Best for Last:
I have always been intrigued with pinhole cameras since I was a kid. To be able to make an image on film where the aperture was this very small pinhole was fascinating. While cruising the web today, I inadvertently came across an entire site dedicated to the Art and Craft of Pinhole Photography. It's called "Pinhole Visions" Here is the link - really cool!

Thanks for the read, everyone. Got to go and set up for my program - see ya tomorrow. --David

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