Monday, September 24, 2007

Yes Virginia, It Was a Canon Day All Day Saturday

I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot two of Canon's brand new cameras all day at my wedding this past Saturday - the EOS 1D Mark III and my newly purchased 40D. I have to tell you what a joy it was. Both cameras were quick and nimble hitting the exposure just about "on the button" each frame. What I loved most about the experience was Canon's new "Highlight Tone Priority" setting that I could dial in on both cameras.

For a wedding JPEG shooter, this is a "God-send". It reduced the amount of exposure "fiddling" to almost nothing. Basically what happens at this setting is that the camera keeps the highlights from "blowing out" (within a certain range, of course.) It was a very bright sunny, cloudless day Saturday, but when the bride came out of the house into the direct sun, I was able to just keep on shooting with out any worry of overexposing her gown. The cameras worked perfectly in this regard all day long.

Next week, I plan to run an in-depth article on the little discussed "Highlight Tone Priority" feature of Canon's new cameras, so be sure to check back. I think I'm in love.......again!!

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