Thursday, September 06, 2007

Wedding Shoot Out and Photoshop World Opening

Hey Gang,

Photoshop World kicked off today with Scott and the Histograms performing the opening set. The whole theme this time around was how Scott's band rose to fame with a brand new set of songs with Photoshop lyrics - you had to be there - it was hilarious and brought down the house. How do those guys think of that stuff. Between presentations, the Tech Expo, and the other zillion things that happen out here, I just grabbed a few minutes to get these images up from yesterday's Wedding Shoot Out. The session went great with a terrific group of people in attendance.

We go to about 10 p.m. tonight and I'm presenting 3 programs tomorrow starting at 9:30 a.m. so postings may be brief. Anyway, got to go for now - the Tech Expo/Trade Show is about to open. Enjoy the images, and have a great day wherever you read this.

Signing off for now. --David

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