Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday News

Good Morning Everybody,

To the readers of Digital ProTalk - have you noticed the news stories on the right side of this page change several times a week. I've been using this blogging resource to get additional interesting items on the front page. So be sure to check out the RED STUFF >>> to the right of this page.

In addition to keeping this page up to date, LaDawn and I have also been tracking our trip to NYC this week. Hey, I know there are so many hours in a day - so who wants to look at travel pics - but, heck, some of them are pretty cool. Think of it as a "Vacation" resource. Anyway if you want to check it out here is the link to Dave and LaDawn On the Road - just click here.

Alrighty then, on with quick news:

The Top 10 Best Places to Take Photographs:
I know this is a combo National Park/Ford Promo, but that's OK with me. I started taking my kids with me to National parks many years ago. My son, loved it nd said, "hey Dad, why don't we do this once a year." We had a pretty good run at it while they were young. That's why I have added these recommendations. So here is what is happening. This year, the National Park Service and the National Park Foundation teamed with Ford Motor Company for the official “Share the Experience” photo contest. So not only do you get great pics, but might win a car too. Here is the link.

Fireworks Tutorial - Or Where Did the Black Tones Go?
When I first saw this come up, I thought we are way past the 4th of July - what good is this? (kidding) but then I took a closer look. The guys over at Watch and Learn Photoshop have a nice little tutorial here. Look beyond the "fireworks" part - the best part is seeing how certain "Layer Modes" work with blacks in the image. Check it out here.

Hands On With the Canon 40D over at Luminous Landscape.
OK, I admit it - I'm a Canon 20D then 30D, now 40D nut. I can't believe they get so much stuff into that camera - Highlight Tone Priority to save my highlights, full screen "blinkies", fast focus, etc. As a matter of fact, I ordered the new Canon 40D from B&H last week at Photoshop World. It's just a lot of "bang for the buck." So when I caught yet another "hands on" experience, especially from a really well respected source, I wanted to share it with you. If your a Canon shooter or just thinking about becoming one here is the link for some great info.

Finally - Batteries That Hold a Charge
Tired of the constant "drain the recharge" cycle with the AA NiCads, or are you like me and never drain them so six months later after about the zillionth recharge, you end up with no charge. This story came up the other day over at our buddies at 1001 Noisy Cameras. It's talks about this new kind of battery (AA and AAA) that hold their charge for quite a while. Check out the whole story here.

Hey Gang, got to go - I've got an early appointment today - see ya tomorrow. --David


  1. Ever since your seminar here in Denver a couple years ago, I've been reading your web site and following your work. Awesome. And now you've started a blog, even better (I love your tip/techniques articles).

    Today's post has a mistyped URL for the Ford/NPS web site. There are some extra characters in the front of the URL that I don't think you intended to type. ;)

    Keep up the excellent work here! Thanks.

  2. Hi Gregg,
    Thanks for the nice remarks and the heads up - it's good to go now. --David