Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wednesday - Turning Up the Heat - Part 2

Tutorial of the Week
That's right, today is "Tutorial of the Week" day. Next week it might be a on a different day though. So what are we talking about today? Wouldn't it be "cool" to sign your portrait and wedding images with one simple "mouse-click" in Photoshop. In years past, I used the gold pen - I was a "happy camper" as long as I didn't mess it up. Ahh! Then the digital age emerged upon us and things got a bit easier in that department. You can find the tutorial right after this post. See how easy it is. Enjoy!

Why I Blog- (Our you nuts?)
My buddies, staff, and LaDawn, my wife, all think I nuts for writing this blog everyday. But since I made the commitment - I'm going to keep it up. You know life offers a lot of really exciting opportunities out there and we just have to grab onto all we can. I find the "web thing" intriguing and interesting, especially for all the resources out there that help each of us build the success of our businesses and/or photography. That's why I started the blog. I've been cruising the net almost daily for years via Google Reader, and thought I could formalize the more interesting and salient stories right here, hopefully for the benefit of our readers. Hope you enjoy, tell friends, coworkers and come back often!

50 Strategies For Making Yourself Work
So how does anybody get things completed they want to get done? Read this article by Jerry Oltion. Here is the link. It's a great read for anyone motivated to obtain more out of life than just watching "Survivor" reruns. You know, we never know what we can do till we try. I am stepping off of the soapbox now.

That's it for today - see ya' tomorrow. --David

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  1. David - first off, great start on the blog! I'm glad to see that you've decided to write one & I'll be following it.

    Regarding the list of popular photography podcasts, if you're looking for that kind of thing I think you may enjoy my list of recommended photography podcasts. I have my list broken down into a few categories: "Photoshop/Lightroom", "the creative process", and "tips, etc".

    Take care,