Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday -

Good Morning Everybody,

What a nice dinner LaDawn and I had with Bert Monroy last night. We took him to the "world famous" Montgomery Inn at the Boathouse. If you ever hit Cincy - this place is the place to go for "finger lickin' good" ribs - they sell more ribs than any restaurant in the world. Bert told us about a new project he is starting that is going to take him two years! to complete - and the technology to complete the huge project is not quite in place - whew! I'll let him tell you the whole story when he visits a city near you on the Photoshop CS3 Creativity Tour. Nice visit last night.

Speaking of visitors, I asked Mary Mannix, our regional Canon rep, if I could borrow her Canon EOS 1D Mark III and the WFT-E2A Wireless File Transmitter for my Pre-Con shoot at Photoshop World next week. She graciously agreed and headed on over to get me up to speed on the wireless system. I have to say, this was really easy to set up and it worked flawlessly - and it is super small. I really loved the "Live View" mode too. This is going to be a great teaching tool for me. Can't wait to give it a try. And, look closely now, what's that in my hands - you are right - the brand new Canon 40D. Huge viewfinder, highlight Tone Priority, and a bunch more features - can't wait to get my hands on one - I hear they are shipping in the next few weeks. I'll keep you posted. Thanks to Mary for all the help and the Canon 40D preview.

Well, how about we get on with some news.

Canon Mark III Review:
Speaking of the Canon Mark III, I just found a brand
new review over at Steve's Digicams. Click here for the link and review. This is a thorough review of the camera, so if you are thinking of making the jump, give it a read.

Podcast with Pete Turner:
Since I was a kid reading Popular Photography - I still read it by the way - I have always admired Pete Turner's work. He is the "Master of color photography." He talks about how he got started in photography and his early experiments with color. Along the way this legendary pioneer of color photography talks us through the creation of dozens of his “signature” photographs. Here is the podcast link. Enjoy.

Canon 580EX Replacement Foot with Sync Port:
I was checking on the comments posted to the Digital ProTalk blog and saw a note from Ryan Dlugosz. He is a freelance photographer and tech guru in Cincinnati, OH. Can you believe it right here in Cincy - we are almost neighbors. He has a great site, by the way - check it out here. Anyway, while reviewing his posts I saw this little piece of great news about the Canon 580Ex replacement foot. I've been been looking for something like this since I purchased my 580EX's. I always wanted to fire them remotely with my Quantum radio transmitters - finally a solution. If you are the least bit interested in this, check out - here is the info and link. Hey Ryan, thanks for the tip - great blog too.

Apple talking with Volkswagen over 'iCar':
I know what you are thinking - an iWhat? - yep, an iCar - a car with more Apple gadgets in it than any car in the world. Actually Bert mentioned this last night to me at dinner so I had to check it out when we got home. Click here for the link for the AppleInsider news story. What will they think of next?

Food for Thought:
MediaStorm has another great piece of photo-journalistic media that is worth a look - it's only about 10 minutes long. It's entitled "Two Years After Katrina - Finding a Way Home." The manner in which the images are combined the video and dialogue makes the a compelling documentary on a subject that has been to soon forgotten by many of us. The beautifully produced and thought provoking presentation can be found by clicking here.

Well, after my wedding shoot on Sunday (I'll post a few images next week), I packing my bags and heading to Photoshop World in Las Vegas. Hope to see you there. Have a wonderful labor-free Labor Day weekend everybody. --David

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