Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday - Another HOT News day in Cincy!

Good Morning Everybody,

Boy, we are dyin' here in Cincy. The temperature hit 100 degrees yesterday and it looks like another hot one today. But, not a problem, the calendar looks like a good day. I'm off in about an hour to shoot the Fall season flowers for Jones the Florist. They are one of the biggest and best in the city. It's always a fun shoot and the floral aromas are wonderful throughout the building.

Next I meet with one of my favorite clients to discuss the family's upcoming wedding in two weeks. I'll post a few pics from the job - it should be beautiful. And then later today, my buddy, Janice Wendt, from Nik Software is stopping by on her way to the Florida Professional Photographers Association annual convention - nice images on their home page, by the way. I'm getting a long lesson on Nik's latest software releases. Check out Nik Software's catalogue to see what their products do right here - you will love the images.

On with the NEWS:

It Only Gets Better, Faster, and Cheaper.
After all Canon's announcement on Tuesday, Nikon came charging out of the gates today with a long and impressive lists of new products including the Nikon D3 and the Nikon D300. Am I reading this right - full frame sensor (finally) and ISO 25,600! Check out all the specs on the new Nikon gear right here.

How Many Gigs?
Just read that Toshiba is introducing a 32 Gig SDHC flash card by January. A couple of these cards filled with images would give the whole "workflow" paradigm a whole new meaning. Read more here.

Food for Thought:
"...Is the “easy availability” of digital photography & the Internet destroying our collective appreciation for the true art in the medium? Have we been so overexposed to supersaturated, supersharp, over-digitalized photos that we have lost the appreciation for other artistic aesthetics in photography? ... " Read the whole article over at F1.0's site right here. Read the comments too. Very thought provoking.

Cool Software:
I came across two pretty cool pieces of software yesterday. Today, let me tell you about iWatermark. For all digital camera owners posting to the web or sending images via email, this is a great little piece of software the gives you the protection and recognition for your digital images and artwork. iWatermark makes it really easy to "digital" sign your images 1 or 1000 images at a time. Check it out here.

Obi Wan Kenobi Had it First:
When I first read this, I could only think of that first Star Wars movie - can you believe it - almost 30 years ago. Anyway, Japan's Hitachi, Ltd. has developed a lightweight 3D display that can potentially be adapted for mobile devices such as telephones. Looks just like Princess Leah to me. It's a fun look at some potentially cool technologies. Give it a read here.

That's it for today, folks, got to pack the gear, and head for work. See ya tomorrow, --David

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  1. Not sure how you do it out there David...I called my sister in Cinci and she said it is sweltering! Blog is really coming along...nice work!