Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Wednesday - Turning Up the Heat - Part 1

Good Morning Everybody,

Hope everyone had a good one yesterday. Well, the heat is back in good ol' KY - yep, heading for the hundreds again. But hey, we had a great solar eclipse, the sun came up in the morning, and I had a great location shoot. About six people I talked with yesterday also happened to see the eclipse early yesterday morning. What's that Ben Franklin used to say - "Early to Bed, early to rise, make a man..." I digress - looks like another multi-post day today so - On with the news.

Blog Buzz!
Yesterday turned out to be a pretty darn good day for Digital ProTalk. I got an email from Jason Moore over at Soup Questions. Jason runs a blog that is a great resource for any photog out there wanting to keep up with the "latest and greatest". He has "hand picked" the best of the best photo blog sites in the whole blogsphere and provides links, updates, and blogger profiles on those sites. Be sure to put his blog on your "visit list". Good Stuff over there. Here is the link. By the way, I just checked out his site again, and he has a very nice profile about Digital Protalk posted - thanks a bunch, Jason.

Jason's also gave me a "heads up" on our mention over at
PhotoshopUserTV too. Mr. Scott Kelby - the Photoshop Super Ninja, extraordinaire - gave us a very nice compliment also. Check out Episode 96 right here. You can also subscribe to the podcast over at iTunes. I love watching these episodes - they are always a "hoot" and jam packed with good Photoshop info. Thanks a bunch, guys.

Last week, I got a note from Matt Adcock over at FlashFlavor - it was Matt's story I featured a few weeks ago about the wedding photog who was almost literally blown away by a hurricane while he was photographing a wedding. You can read that story here. Anyway, he writes me telling me how much he likes my "Image of the Day" - "Somewhere in Time" which I featured last week, and asks if I could put together a story about the technique behind the image. You can catch all the background on this image right over here at FlashFlavor. Thanks Matt.
The images I am posting this week are all from film - dare I use that word, and all shot on a Hasselblad. They are still some of my favorites. I saw three comments from readers that people would like some more of the "behind the scenes" stories, so look for them to pop up now and then. On to Part two --


  1. Great stuff David. That's a big surprise that you're using film.

  2. Hi Detroit,
    Gave up film way back in 2000-2001. I just thought I would post a few film images from the old days.
    --David Z