Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bonus Post: Canon 600EX-RT Works Great For Reception Photography

Good Afternoon Everybody,

We are kicking off our sixth day in the Big Easy, that is New Orleans, Louisiana.  Today is an extra special day for LaDawn and I too.  Today we celebrate our wedding anniversary and what better place to spend it than right here in New Orleans!  So that being said, I am making today's post short and sweet - heck it's our anniversary ;~)

I was pretty fired up about the big convention party last night at the Southern Pro Exposure photography convention. I really wanted to see how my new Canon 600EX-RT speedlights would handle the lighting chores for a wedding reception.  The convention party served as a perfect place to give them a try.


I set up two Canon 600EX-RT speedlights at opposite corners of the large dance floor.  Would they be powerful enough to give me the coverage I needed and do the job? I was going to find out during the party for sure.

After tweaking the light output and utilizing a little set up trick I picked up from my Canon buddy, Jerry Ward who was in the trade show, I was ready to go.  Here are three images from last night's party. What do you think?  I think they look great - the lighting is gorgeous! 


I was sold.  the lighting you see in these images was exactly what I was hoping for - easy, directional, and tantalizingly dimensional from these three tiny speedlights!  Wow!!!  Such an easy set up with such lightweight gear - what a great way to go for shooting weddings.


The bottom line is that is was a great first experience and I'm super encouraged by last night's shooting experience. Yep, we were all having a great time – my buddy, Ralph Romaguera took this photo. Don’t look at me and the girls – look at the light ;~) 

I've got many more images to show you and I really want to go through all the details of the setup and share the images from the party with you but don't have time today.  Let me gather all my thoughts on last night’s shooting experience and I'll share all the details in an upcoming post - stay tuned.


p.s. Look for this week’s Technique Tuesday to land on Wednesday.  Like I said, it’s the last day of the convention with several great not-to-be-missed speakers and it’s our anniversary ;~)  -David


  1. Happy anniversary. I think this is the way to go. I'm saving up for two more. No more extra triggers or receivers or cables or batteries for all of those. Your shots look great. I'm convinced!

  2. David, I'm eager to hear the details of your tweaked power settings and setup secret.


  3. Happy Anniversary to you both. Have a relaxing day.