Monday, August 16, 2010

CBTL Tour Update; 10 “Need To Shoot” Videos Clips; New Blogs; FREE Prints; and More

Good Morning Everybody,

This weekend was a big one for me - I turned another year older. And, you know what they say, "Getting older isn't for sissies ;~)"  So first off, let me say Thank You to the literally hundreds of folks from around the country and the world who sent me birthday wishes this weekend. I read each and every one. THANK YOU so much.

Quick CBTL Tour Update

Late Night In addition to having a nice weekend with LaDawn just relaxing around the house, I threw a few hours at my PowerPoint for my upcoming tour, "Captured By The Light 2010" [link]. I reviewed it with LaDawn and her first comment, "You won't be finished till 3:00 a.m.!" The presentation is definitely loaded up with tons of great information.

The two biggest sections are the "Lighting" section and the "Learning to See" section on composition. The program wraps - who knows, at 3:00 a.m. - just kidding the plan is for 10:30 p.m.  I’ve also added some brand new marketing ideas for you too. I can't wait for you to see it. I hope you check out the tour link right here for all the info.

I’ve got a few things I found interesting on the web these last few days, so let's get right to it.

New iPad App In Town

Flipboard Most of you know I am a HUGE iPad fan. In fact I type each day's DPT post on that nifty glass keyboard. On a regular keyboard, I can bang out about 15-18 words a minute, but on the iPad keyboard, my flying fingers increase up to 22-23 words a minute. And for me, that's smoking' ;~)

Anyway, I bumped into this app via a tweet from Zack Arias who mentioned how wowed he was with the new Flipboard app [link] for the iPad. Man, I love it too. If you are heavy into Twitter, Facebook, and your favorite blogs, this is a great app that aggregates your social media sources into an easy to read magazine format.

Stuff I easily miss just checking my Facebook and Twitter feeds is really easy to spot on Flipboard. I just thought the rest of the iPad geek squad needed to know. Highly recommended.

10 Video Clips You Need To Make At Every Wedding With Your DLSR Camera

Canon Video I think I forgot to post this previously so I'm doing it today. I did a post for Animoto a few weeks ago were I listed 10 short 10 second video clips you should make at every wedding. These clips, when added to you still images on Animoto, make for a very cool video your clients will love. Hit the link right here to see my Animoto article.

A Few Blogs To Check Out

These two blogs have been on my "do list" for a few weeks to share with you. The first is [link]. Their concept is simple, to create a user-friendly social and educational environment for those passionate about photography. Go check it out right here.

The other site is called [link]. I have been a big fan of pinhole cameras since I was a kid. It’s always fascinated me how light can pass through a tiny hole and focus an image on a piece of film. I’ve pointed you towards several sites of "Pinhole" interest previously at DPT.

Sean DugganOver at, Seán Duggan [link], photographer, author, and Adobe expert has some amazing images he has created with his pinhole cameras. He scans the images and then tweaks them in Photoshop. The results are amazing and they sure don't look like your regular run of the mill pinhole camera photographs. Worth a Monday morning peek right here.

FREE Prints With Every Frame At ACI!

Framed PrintMy good buddies over at ACI Labs [link] just began offering full framing services for their clients. I have been a friend of ACI for several years and love the new products they continue to bring to their customers.

Anyway, why do I mention them today? Because they have a super good deal going on thru September 30, 2010. You buy the frame and they will throw the print in for FREE! I had to read the ad twice to see if the offer was real - it is. You can check it out right here. Remember; the holidays are just around the corner. Here is a special you don’t want to miss!

Oh, I forgot to mention, ACI Labs is one of our CBTL tour sponsors and is giving away $150 in labs credits to everyone that attends my program. I told you we had a lot of sweet deals happening for the tour.

Now You Too Can Have Your Work Hanging On The Desperate Housewives Set

Yes folks, I am telling you true. I recently signed up with [link] to check out their procedures for hosting, selling, and shipping fine art prints for a personal project I'm involved with.

Desparate HousewivesAnyway, last Friday I get an email from them telling me how [link] has partnered with ABC-Disney whereby their members could make their images available to the ABC Studios at a decent price and get royalty payment if ABC used the photographer's image.

It seemed like an interesting proposition to me and I thought the royalties they were offering seemed good for use of the image on a TV show. You can check out the entire story right here. Hey, drop me a line if your image get's chosen. We'll run the story right here at DPT.


Tour Handbook Hey gang, that's it for me today. I've got to do a little trimming to my CBTL PowerPoint and it needs to be completed and ready for print by tomorrow. We are putting the finishing touches on our CBTL Tour Handbook and my PowerPoint is the last puzzle piece still missing. The cool thing about including it in the Tour Handbook is the fact that now every attendee has a complete road map to my program which makes it really easy to follow along, take notes, and easily review later after the presentation.

I'll plan to see everybody back here tomorrow for another episode of Technique Tuesday: Posing Large Groups.

See ya' then, David


  1. Flipboard is definitely one of the "killer apps" on the iPad.

    This weekend I stumbled upon a great way to make a focused newsreader around a single topic with Flipboard. - I setup one for local news and one for photography news. The full writeup on how to set it up is here.

  2. Thank David for providing the link with LensDiaries. Many interesting things can be found on the site. I agree with you unconditionally that the site creates "a user-friendly social and educational environment for those passionate about photography".