Thursday, August 26, 2010

Business Day Thursday: For Promotions It’s All In The Name

Business Day Thursday: For Promotions It’s All In The Name

Good Afternoon Everybody,

We spent some time yesterday wondering the streets of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. I was trying out some new gear and new lighting techniques to feature in my CBTL tour which begins in 10 days. Man oh man, did we get some great photographs.

0001-Z-Cloud-IMG_4419 I was using super large umbrellas - like 6 feet big! My oh my, what pretty light. I was also using my newly designed SUNSPOTZ Super Silver / Black 40 inch reflector. Black you say, why black? I can't tell you right now, but I promise to fill you in very soon.

We wrapped about 11:00 pm. last night. But wait till you see the images I've got for you from my evening shoot . Very fun… more on this later.

I plan on sharing a few with you over the next few days. We are still going a million miles an hour at the studio yet today and tomorrow, hence the sporadic posting times. Hope you don't mind. Hey everybody, thanks too on the very positive feedback on yesterday's post. I enjoyed doing the piece. You can count on more in the future.

That said, I better get on with today's post before the day gets completely away from me. Here we go....

For Promotions It’s All In The Name

You know, too many photographers just sit and wait for the phone to ring and wonder why they don't have any business. Business success is always about promoting one's product and the photography business is no different.

I was recently talking with a photographer friend and she mentioned that she had just sent out her newsletter for all of her upcoming fall promotions. I asked her to send me a copy so I could take a peek at what promotions and news she shared with her client list. She kindly obliged and seeing what she sent prompted today's post.

Angel Babies Each of her promotions had a catchy named attached to it. NONE of her promotions used any of the mundane language so many photographers sometimes use. You would never see my friend advertising something like "Baby Special - One Week Only". She would class it up and make it fun - something like "Angel Babies" and follow that up with the description of the promotion. Sounds fun and whimsical doesn't it?

She also had a "Angels In The Garden" child promo and "Spooky Day" Halloween promotion listed - all fun, all very specific and all with the possibility of becoming very profitable. In my follow-up phone visit with my friend, she told me she had booked 20 sessions so far. Her average per session is over $500 dollars! And, the newsletter just went out last week.

PROMOTION, PROMOTION, PROMOTION!!! Three secret words of success.

Here are a few more name you might consider too for your upcoming photography specials:

"Babylicious" - I love it! Babylicious just sounds like delicious portraits of kids which is exactly what they are, but doesn't it have a nice catchy ring to it?

"Top of The Class" for your high school senior promotions.

"Going To The Dogs" - this is the promotional title for a pet promotion that has been extremely successful for one of my Cincy buddies.

I think you get the idea. It's always about the promotions. But more importantly, it's about a catchy, memorable sounding name you decide to dedicate to your promotions. Have fun coming up with some of your own ideas. Hey, post your suggestions in our Comment Section below for the benefit of our DPT readers.


Hey gang, that's got to be it for me today. I've got a family portrait shoot in a short while and we still need to get packed for Photoshop World and the tour.

I'll see you sometime tomorrow.

Have a great one, David


  1. Hi David , Can you share the name of the photographer and maybe here web site?

  2. Where can I get one of those big umbrellas?