Monday, April 27, 2009

Quick Hit Monday: Wedding Survey; A Visit To Crash's Place; What's Up With The 5D Mark II; Very Quick Color Adjustments

Good Morning Everybody,
Well, we made it back home safe and sound on Friday just in time to kick it into high gear for the start of my Spring Master Class today. We have everyone over to our home this evening for our Welcome Party and LaDawn has been working hard all weekend planting flowers, spring cleaning the deck and successfully getting the place looking great. I looking forward to a wonderful week with the class. I'll keep you posted as the week progresses.

Hey gang, I've got a lot of stuff for Quick Hit Monday today so let's get right to it.

Wedding Business Survey and Wedding Leads
I happened on these two stories at PDN over the weekend - very interesting. The first reports on PDN's survey results on the state of the wedding photography business for 2009. In addition to just listing the results, the article also posted some strategies for photographers on how they were handling the business turn-down for the year. You can give it a read right here.

Wait, there's more. I also found this second article about the reasonable success some photographers are having with lead generating sites like and Just In this business climate, you may want to check out some of the options. Give the article a read right here and see if there might be a fit for your business.

Heading Over To Crash's Place - Interview With Grant Oakes
Blogging buddy, Crash Taylor, started interviewing wedding photogs a number of month's ago - I was honored to be one of those interviewed - and the series has really taken off. This past week, Crash interviewed my good friend, Grant Oakes from Denver. I have known Grant for a number of years and his work is beautiful. Check out his interview right here. Grant also runs, a company that specializes in designer websites for photographers. Grant has a great thing going there so check it out too - tell him I told you to make the visit.

Super In-Depth Review of Canon 5D Mark II
I have to say, this is about the most in depth review of the 5D MkII that I have seen. What I like about this review is the fact that the reviewer covered the setup and use of the radio transmitter for the 5D which I use too. I found it to be about the easiest transmitter in the world to set up. Also covered in depth are the video capabilities of the camera. Yep, all the other stuff is covered too. So if you want a different perspective on the Canon 5D Mark II, this is a nice read. Here is the link.

Quick Color Adjustments In Photoshop CS4
Maybe I should have saved this for tomorrow, but heck, it's Quick Hit Monday, so let's hit it today. I have to admit, I'm just getting up to speed on CS4. I'm kind of a guy that thinks that if its not broke, don't fix it. That's why I'm always late to the latest greatest version of Photoshop. Anyway, there is a really good tutorial on CS4's new features when it comes to making color adjustments. It's only 7 minutes long and worth the peek right here. Hey, after seeing the video, you may decide to upgrade too;~)

Ansel Adams - Rare Video Footage on Visualization
I've been an Ansel Adams fan for years. I even had the occasion to visit with Mr. Adams personally on the phone several years ago - but that's a story for another day. Anyway, fellow blogger, Marc Silber, manages to get permission to present this rare video footage of the master himself. It's only about 2 minutes long but does give an ever so brief look in the creativity of a photographer who is considered a true legend and one of the best. Here is the link.

Hey gang, that's it for me today. I've got my class starting in just about an hour so I've got to run. See everybody tomorrow. -David

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  1. He has always been someone I have looked up to for inspiration when I was growing up and getting involved with photography.

    A true master. When you look at one of his black & white prints you marvel at what you see.

    I appreciate the link. For the young people :) there is a lot to learn from this man.