Thursday, April 30, 2009

Business Day Thursday:Waitress Lessons Learned

Good Morning Everybody,
We wrapped another day of classes yesterday. We headed to one of Cincy's nicest parks in the morning, had lunch at Skyline Chili - that ain't Texas chili, its Cincinnati chili - a famous taste that you can't hardly find anywhere else in the US but get mostly just in Cincinnati, Ohio. Most in the class took the chili plunge and dove right into their Cheese coneys and 4 -way chili spaghetti. After lunch we were all friends back at the classroom with chili and onion smells everywhere - ah, what a perfect afternoon;~)

Today we have everyone back to our home for a nice dinner and a little R&R - it should be a good time. Anyway, let's get on with Business Day Thursday...

Waitress Lessons Learned
I wasn't going to write about this but then decided to about 5 minutes ago. From the title, you might gather that this was a lesson learned yesterday at the chili parlor - and you would be correct. To me yesterday's experience with our waitress typified what a good sales person should be.

Let me explain. Most everyone was new to the Cincinnati chili experience, and it is an experience for first timers. Anyway, our waitress executed to key points in salesmanship when taking orders from our table. One of our table mates was hesitating on trying the 3-way chili. Our waitress said, "Go ahead, try it" at which point the hesitant diner took her up on her suggestion and placed an order for the 3-way.

That was lesson #1 - make the decision for the indecisive customer. Sure, he made the final decision, but it was really our waitress that made the decision for him in the first place.

After she took the order, she affirmed to our table mate, "You are going to love it, everybody does." That was lesson #2 - affirm for the client that they will be happy with their purchase.

Folks, right there was one of the most succinct sales lessons I have ever witnessed in my life. Our waitress hit the sales rhythm perfectly, got the order, and kept the client happy. I've said it a million times - "salesmanship is finding out what the client wants and then helping them get it." Our table mate really wanted to try this new kind of chili, but was unsure of making a wrong decision. The waitress sensed it, and then helped him get what he wanted.

How many times do we miss sales because we don't take the initiative with an indecisive client. We sort of just wait for an order to be made instead of taking the lead in getting the order. You know, you can be an order taker or an order maker - the choice is ours.

I do this all the time in my business. I know the client is going to love the final product so I suggest what I think will be the best choice for them. They still make the final decision, but at least I have pointed them to that final decision which I think best serves their needs - lesson #1 - just like our waitress presented yesterday.

After my client makes the final decision, I always affirm for then that they have made an excellent choice - lesson #2. In fact I know they have because I have clients make similar choices all the time and I see them thrilled with their choice time and time again. In fact, I can't think of a time when one of our client's was disappointed with our final product.

So there you have it - two wonderful little lessons on salesmanship. Our waitress yesterday could not have been a better example of a great salesperson and how to make the sale.

Hey gang, that's it for me today. I'll see everyone tomorrow for another episode on Soap Box Friday. See ya' then, -David

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  1. Great post - Some sales principles are so simple they are easily overlooked.

    Now my complaint - I traveled to Cincy for 2 years every week for business. Your shot of the classic 3 way has got my stomach growling. There's no way I can satisfy it today without spending several hundred dollars!