Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Three Little Announcements About Three Big Events!

Good Morning Everybody,

We’re still basking in the Hungarian sunshine but today we’re heading out early this morning to Malibor and Ptuj, Slovenia.  Before we leave though, I've got three juicy items I’d like to share with everybody.

#1 - My Photo Walk In Salzburg, Austria

SalzburgOK, OK – I know a lot of my DPT readers would like to visit beautiful Salzburg, Austria and not just because I’m doing my SK Photo Walk on October 5th, but if you are in the neighborhood, please feel free to sign up right here and come join the fun.

We’ve got a small group so far and I know we’re still a few weeks out so I‘m hoping with a few more people jumping on this great walk it will be a grand time for everyone participating. You can find all the complete details and register for my Photo Walk right here, or take the shortcut to my Photo Walk page right here.

Steigkeller[4]I'm pretty excited about the Photo Walk we have planned. We're going to be covering about 2 1/2 miles of historic Salzburg including some dazzling views from hilltop vistas overlooking the entire city. We end up at at the famous StieglKeller Beer Hall & Restaurant where we can freshen up and enjoy a cool refreshment.

So why not check out my Photo Walk home page right here to get all the details.  I hope to see you there in just a few weeks, David

#2 - Cincinnati, Ohio Photo Walk -  A Great Time Too!

Nicholas V new picHey gang, the second thing I want to mention to you is the Cincinnati, Ohio SK Photo Walk [link] coming up in just a few weeks, on October 5th, being conducted by my good buddy and ACE #1 Assistant, Nickolas Viltrakis.

DAZNOTE: I pulled this image from Nicholas’s Photo Walk page.  Granted, I haven’t seen Nickolas in several weeks but I really don’t remember him ever smoking a pipe or ever sporting a beard – but, like I said, Nicholas is always full of surprises ;~) 

Anyway, I've happily been conducting the Photo Walk in Cincinnati for the first four years of the Scott Kelby Photo Walks. Last year I had to skip Cincy because we were in Rome, Italy and we conducted a very exciting SKPW there.

This year we’ll miss it again because we’re going to be in Salzburg, Austria – see above.  Nevertheless, at my urging, my good friend and Ace #1 Assistant, Nicholas Viltrakis will be leading his very own Photo Walk in Cincinnati [link].

Nicholas is a very talented photographer and a really great guy. If you jump in with him this year in Cincinnati I promise you a wonderful experience. Nicholas is a lot of fun and will certainly add to your Photo Walk experience. You can get all the details about his Photo Walk right here.

#3 - Dave Cross Tour - Make Photoshop and Creative Cloud Pay!

Hey everybody, don't miss the upcoming 8 city seminar series with my good friends Dave Cross and Jeff Leimbach. They will be covering all things Photoshop and at a price that everybody can afford.

I've known Dave for a number of years and he does work “keyboard magic” when it comes to Photoshop. Jeff Leimbach, my good friend who helps with my programs at Photoshop World, is also an extremely talented photographer/retoucher and brings those sets of talents to the program in partnership with Dave Cross. I certainly hope you'll check out what they have planned – it promises to be a wonderful experience with time well spent learning from these talented artists. You can get all the details right here.



Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  We’re off and running to see some more of this wonderful world.  Check in again, I promise to get the Budapest Master Class wrapped up shortly with plenty more images.

See ya’ soon,


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