Saturday, September 07, 2013

Photoshop World Wrap Up – Hot Times In The City!

Good Afternoon Everybody,

We’re at the Las Vegas Airport getting ready to head home after a wonderful Photoshop World this past several days. It's been a busy week and one heck of a show, not to mention, a great time as well.

DAZ-LD MJ1We arrived Monday and took in the brand new Michael Jackson show “ONE” by Cirque du Soleil Monday evening.  LaDawn and I thought it’s one of the best shows playing in Las Vegas.  So did  a whole lot of other attendees who were on their feet at the end of the show. 

We kicked off the week on Tuesday with my Wedding Shootout pre-con class and things went really, really well. We had a wonderful group of photographers in the class and I was able to capture some great images. I'll share a couple with you throughout today’s post. 


One of the day’s highlights was the fact that my good buddy and renowned photographer, Vincent Versace and his friend Mickey were part of the class.  It seems Vincent is sometimes asked by his clients if he’ll photograph the occasional wedding hence his attendance in the class. It was great to have him be part of the group and he was a great asset and help to keep everything running smoothly. Hi FIVES to Vinney and Mickey!

0006_PSWLV13-DAZ_1939In addition to my pre-conference class I also had two platform programs to present at Photoshop World this year. The first was How To Make Your Lighting Exciting With Speed-lighting and the second presentation was Lightroom 5 for the Wedding and Portrait Photographer. Once again the response was very positive to these two new programs.




Then it was on to the booth demos. I agreed to do one for Peachpit, my publisher, and another for my good friends at Westcott.  The Westcott booth shooting area was about ten deep with about a thousand photographers photographing the beautiful scantly -clad model.  I was a little nervous kicking her off the stage – I thought the crowd might mutiny on me ;~) 

Westcott booth PSWLV

I’m thinking how am I going to compete with these beautiful girls in this booth? Anyway, I took the stage as beautiful Chelsea stepped aside and gave a half-hour lighting demonstration to the attendees. The curious thing was nobody left my presentation even though the pretty girl had wondered off ;~)

I batted cleanup at Peachpit taking the last time slot on the last day of the show. Not a favorite for any speaker but the people that were in attendance sure seems to enjoy the presentation.

I Get All This For Free?!!!

The highlight of the show for all the attendees of course was receiving Adobe’s Creative Cloud, a $600 value, FREE for one year! Basically if you attended Photoshop World this year you basically attended free because of Adobe’s generous offer.

PS LR 9.99In addition to that great news Adobe made another jaw-dropping announcement during the opening ceremonies. They announced that Photoshop and Lightroom, 20 gigs a storage in the cloud, and access to your very own Behance gallery online - all this for only $9.99 a month [link]. It sure looks like of a steal of a deal for me. It’s particularly a great deal for us photographers whole don’t need the full compliment of programs available in the for suite version.  You can get more details right here.

NIK Collection FreeWait, there's still more. Before the show ended Google makes an exciting announcement that in addition to everyone in attendance receiving Adobe Creative Cloud from Adobe they were going to throw in NIK's Complete Software Suite for FREE for all the attendees. What a great show to be at this year. Not only was Photoshop the biggest show ever, it also offered a ton of value, great programs, terrific parties, and was a great place to reunite with old friends and indeed make several new friends. Everyone came home a winner!!

As LaDawn and I like to say, “It's our hardest working convention of the year but it's also the most fun.”

Next year Photoshop World is going to be held in Atlanta from April 8-10, 2014[link]. I'm looking forward to being there.  I hope you mark your calendars now and plan to join us in Atlanta, GA. next April.

PhotoPro Expo 2014 Short BannerDAZNOTE: I asked the NIK Software folks at Google if they would do the same for our next year’s 4 day photographic blast, PhotoPro Expo 2014 [link].  They said YES!!! So, if you hurry over to PhotoPro Expo [link], you can register for the best price ever – only $139 – and get NIK’s Software Suite FREE!!! Heck, that’s like saving $10 bucks to buy the suite alone. An AMAZING deal not to be missed!!

On To Budapest Tomorrow!

Budapest 222pxWell, it's a busy time for LaDawn and I tonight. We get home this evening at around 8:00 pm, unpack, hit the sack, wake up early tomorrow, repack, and  head for Budapest, Hungary at 5:00 pm.

That's not much time home to get reorganized, repacked, and get ready for the next adventure but we are really looking forward to the trip to Budapest and my class with good friend and great photographer, Clay Blackmore. I'll keep you posted a couple times over the next week on what’s going on.


On that note gang, I'm out of here. I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend and I'll see you again next week hailing from Budapest, Hungary.

See you then,


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