Thursday, August 09, 2012

Digital ProTalk: Business Day Thursday: Have You Got The Right Pers...

Digital ProTalk: Business Day Thursday: Have You Got The Right Pers...: Good Morning Everybody, Today is a pretty special day for me. My daughter, Elizabeth, in flying in from New York  to spend the weekend wit...

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  1. Since this is Business Thursday, I have a question. Last week I received a call from a lady planning her second wedding and wanted to hire me as the photographer. I met with both her and her fiance and since the wedding was to take place at her home in the garden, they both took me on a tour of their beautiful home and garden. While taking me through the home, each of them were telling me where and what photos they wanted to have taken and I was making a mental note of the amount of photos, and of how many hours of shooting. When we sat down to go over my sample albums and photos and to talk prices and I gave them a priced based on amount of photos and time, I was told, "Oh no, we only want you here for 5 hours and we don't need an album, we just want about 25 photos. So, send me an email with your much reduced price and we will think about it." So, I have given them a reduced price, but I am not at all happy about this. What could I have done different to have them agree to my price? Thank you. Didi

  2. Hi DD,
    I had the same thing happen recently when a friend asked me for the super special deal. I felt, like you, that the offered price was too low but I decided to live with it. The more I discussed things with the client, the original coverage that they wanted evolved into a much larger coverage. Because of the added effort I would be putting forth, I suggested that we up the price of the coverage.

    Since we had "tilled some ground about coverages" with the client, they were much more amiable to the price increase. My suggestion is to work with your client, encourage them to take a larger coverage, and then suggest the higher price for your added efforts.

    I don't know how much this helps you but, I thought I'd take a stab at it for you. Thanks for following DigitalProTalk.
    All the best, David

  3. Thank you for your comments, David. They are appreciated. To follow up, although I did reduce my price somewhat, it was not below what I call my Basic Package. I have spoken with her several times since then and have encouraged her, but she will not budge and wanted me to lower my price still further, which I would not do. I have now found out that she has gone with a photographer she found on Craigs List for an extremely low price! I am so sorry for her because I feel she will regret this later. I could have given here beautiful photographs that she would cherish more and more as the years go by. It frustrates me that her wedding day will never come again and I could have helped her remember it much better than she is going to now. Again, thank you. Didi