Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Technique Tuesday On Wednesday: Change The Light - Change The Look

Good Afternoon Everybody,

Finally, can you believe it – yesterday’s post is finally up and running.  I really hope you enjoy it! Yesterday was a loooong day, but is was still a fun day.  We got some great shots during my pre-con and everyone sure seemed to enjoy it.

Liz at PSW Today was an early wake up call for the opening ceremonies of Photoshop World – which is always a treat.  Turns out my daughter, Elizabeth was volunteered to hand NAPP’s executive director the Guru Awards to present to the winners.  Her first Photoshop World and she’s already on stage ;~)

Anyway, the Tech Expo is scheduled to begin in just a few minutes so I’ve got to run.  Enjoy the late post and hope to see you again tomorrow.  Here we go....

Change The Light - Change The Look

We arrived at Valley of Fire a little later than expected. That meant that the light was changing fast. Today's post covers how to shoot in those rapidly changing lighting conditions.

I'll show you images shot in complete direct sunlight and move to shooting in the same location 2 hours later in much more subdued light with auxiliary flash and getting a completely different result. The final shot was made in the shade of the mountains against the fantastically beautiful red rocks of the valley.

Hit the PLAY button below to see the different photographic/lighting results we achieved. Did I have a favorite? You'll have to watch the video to find out. I really think you will enjoy this one.


Hey gang, that's it for me today, we are under the gun and I've got to run. Check back tomorrow and I'll fill you in on today's shoot. Also, I'm planning a second episode of our new series, "The Ones That Got Away" so plan to stop back.

Have a great one, and I'll see you tomorrow,



  1. Wow, the second shot when the sun is much lower in sky is really beautiful! The golden light looks fabulous! Thanks for the posting the two shots, it's a great visualisation on different light.

  2. Great video today David. I wish you could have mentioned how you metered your daughter with the background including Desert Dreams.

  3. If you had wanted the background to be in focus in your zoom shot, where exactly would you have focused?

  4. Do you ever use a white instead of a silver reflector? I wonder if subjects would squint less. I guess you would have to move the reflector closer...