Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"Framed In Elegance"

0001-Chaple Of Love-IMG_5561

"Framed In Elegance"
©David A. Ziser

Here is another image from my wedding shoot a few weeks ago in Las Vegas. I had never worked in his church before so it was a pleasure to check out all then new lines and points of compositional interest.

Moving to the front of the church and then to the left side gave me a great vantage point for a bridal portrait. At this point I was shooting into the right side of the church. Look how the crucifix frames up the left hand side of the image. The pews do the same on the right. The structure behind the bride served to frame her nicely within the "interior frame” it created around her.

Lighting was simple and quick - my flash coming in from camera left through my Zumbrella. I adjusted the ambient light to be underexposed by no more than a stop. This allows my subject to  really "pop out" of the composition.

Camera specs: Canon 7D fitted with Sigma 8-16mm lens at 13mm, F5.6 @ 1/50 second, ISO 800. Enjoy! -David

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