Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Love Among The Ruins"

Love Among The Ruins-0795_DZ-Walker W10

"Love Among The Ruins"

©David A. Ziser

Here is another image I made during my pre-wedding session a few weeks ago. In addition to the great images we took of the bride, the families, and wedding party at her home and park, the bride really wanted to break away and get some images in the urban setting of the city.

We headed into the city to some of my favorite alley ways and parking lots. This image was made in one of the parking lots we visited. I liked the fact that the time of day had the bright rays of the sun blocked by this building. That gave us the soft, forgiving shade to work in.

It was a pretty simple image to set up. I positioned the bride and groom between old windows, placing them at "nodal point" #1 in the scene, or the bottom left corner of the image. Look at the nice balance within the image.

Drawing an imaginary line from the window at the left, then to the couple, then to the window on the far right and back again creates a triangular visual path through the image with the couple at the bottom of the triangle thus keeping the viewer's eye constantly returning to the bride and groom.

Lighting was the available light that was present in the scene. At first glance the shot was OK, but I wanted to add a bit more grittiness to the feel of the image. That meant a trip over to Lightroom 3.

A tweak of the Clarity, Vibrancy, Contrast, Saturation, and Sharpness sliders got me close to the finished result. I used the Lens Adjustment sliders to straighten up the vertical lines and that was it - Love Among The Ruins.

Camera specs; Canon 7D fitted with 10-22mm lens at 12mm, F5.6 @ 1/60 second, ISO 200. Enjoy! -David

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  1. This composition is great. I love how the background frames the couple and gibes it a modern and urban feel.