Monday, October 29, 2007

Freelancer Sells 500,000 Photos on iStockphoto!!!

So you don't think you can make real money with your camera. Check out this story about Lise Gagne. Ms. Gagne is a freelancer who has managed to sell - get this - 599,187 photographs (as of this writing) on iStock Photo!!! Folks, that's a big number, and even if the cut is only 25-50% of cost of the download. That's a lot of cash in the bank.

So why is Lise so successful at this - check out her iStock images right here - they on totally on mark for marketing and ad types. And most importantly she has discovered a need and she is shooting for this niche. Here is a must read interview with Ms. Gange right here for anyone serious about the micro-stock photography field. I guess my vacation pics won't get that kind of return. Here is Lise Gagne's story right here.

So I got curious, how much do the micro-stock agencies pay? Glad you asked - here is the link to most of the micro-stock agencies out there and their pay rates.

OK, I know this post is running a bit long, but I found one more article right here on "How to Earn $300/day in Micro-stock Photography". I'm ready to quit the business of wedding photography start my micro-stock career ;~)

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