Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Wonderfulness: Technique Tuesday On Wednesday

Good Afternoon Everybody,
And welcome to another late post Wednesday - or if you rather, a very late Technique Tuesday post. Regardless, Technique Tuesday is back on the air - and a mighty cool episode it is. I used cool here because I used "cool" about a 100 times in the video. Actually, I had some "roll over cools" left over from last month that I was trying to use up - so I used a lot of them today;~)

Hey gang, I think you are going to like my little Lightroom tutorial today. I've been using my Photoshop "Paint With Light" technique for years. In fact I featured it in a Technique Tuesday episode, "Our Emerging Future" right here. So I finish this baby shoot last week and after importing the images into Lightroom, I get thinking, "Can I make it work in Lightroom?" Well, the answer dear friends, is a resounding -YES! And now I can do it non-destructively - pretty cool. (Yep, I still have a few left.) Anyway, hit the PLAY button below and enjoy the show - "Painting With Lightroom."

Hey everybody, I'm back to the real world which means I'm back to real work here at the studio. I'll see everybody tomorrow afternoon and hopefully will be back on the normal schedule in the next few days. See ya' tomorrow, -David


  1. David,

    What can I say you are a true gem to this industry. Thanks for the tutorial.

  2. David,

    This may be an OT question-

    I'm an Lightroom user, been using it for a while now, well since the released 1.0 version.

    As crazy as it sounds, what is it about Lightroom that makes it "better" than Aperture?

    Is it the "Adobe" name? is it that it's available for Windows? ... I ask these questions, as I set and consider switching to Aperture.. Aperture boast tools and features that Lightroom could 'really' stand to have ...

  3. Thank you David for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us. I have been delighted with the extent with which I can use LightRoom when I thought it was more of just a RAW converter and exposure fixer.

  4. Robert -

    I've actually just switched from Aperture to Lightroom. I'm relatively new to photography, so my library wasnt that big. I decided to give lightroom a try for a week or so and I just never switched back.

    Dont get me wrong, Aperture is a good application. I dont really see one that's better than the other. In truth, I find them both pretty equal. One of the pros to aperture is supposed to be the fact that there are modules, but I don't that as much. Also, it stores all your photos in a one single "package" library file. There are ways to get into it, but I like the way adobe handles the files better. I use photoshop too so the integration with the other adobe products is nice. I also prefer Adobes adjustment controls and setup, but I'm sure you'll find just as many who prefer aperture. Preference really. Plus, the adjustment brush in Lightroom is 10 times better than anything Aperture offers.

    My recommendation to you is not to switch if you have a rather large library of photos. You wont find it all that better from lightroom, just a little different. Not worth the hassle really.


    PS - Great tutorial David. Goes to show how far the software has come. We really have less and less to do in the actual studio thanks to products like Lightroom.

  5. Another excellent tutorial to really expand the tools that we are already using. Great work David, thanks again!

  6. Thank you so much for all the information and inspiration you provide us with daily! I just have to tell you that I have become quite addicted to your post and your courses over at KelbyTraining. I had a wedding last weekend and got myself energized by watching your latest course while I was getting ready. It was the first time I got a chance to use all the techniques I have been learning through you with off camera flash, and it really took my photography to the next level. Thanks so much for giving so much of yourself and your time to help us reach our full potential as photographers!

  7. Nice tutorial.
    (Still froze even after downloading completely though.)

    This would have been a good time to use the crop aspect tool to set your picture to 8x10, or 11x14, etc. rather than just shrink-fit the photo so the grid hit the right spot in the photo.

  8. But maybe it is my laptop causing the freeze. . .

  9. great tutorial the adjustment brush has been frustrating me but not any longer.
    This technique reminds me of one i use in photoshop of applying a filter ect & ticking the history state & then going back a step in history & painting the future history state backin where needed.
    Love your blog thanks for all your hard work

  10. Thanks as always,
    Say can you explain the difference between brightness & expousure & how each would or could be used

  11. This was really very educational. I'm sure a lot of people are inspired and educated by your work. Thanks for sharing this! Keep up the good work!

  12. Grrrreat video David. Really enjoyed it and found it helpful.

  13. Mr. Sherman asks what it is about Lightroom that makes it "better" than Aperture. Well, for one thing, LR runs on Windows. Can't run Aperture on a PC without first hacking Mac's OS (illegally). Mr. Ziser would be alienating a large portion of his audience if he wrote only about how to do the things he does in Aperture.

    Perhaps the biggest question is, why Lightroom, and not Adobe Capture Raw (ACR)? ACR is included in PS, and the current version of ACR supposedly does everything that LR does in it's develop module. So, since none of the other features are being used in Mr. Ziser's tutorials, why is he making such a fuss over LR compared to ACR?