Wednesday, December 12, 2007

"Surrounded By Beauty"
© David A. Ziser
I made this image while doing what I call my "scene setter" series at this wedding reception venue which happened to be at the Cincinnati Art Museum. This is a fairly popular venue in Cincy because of the unusual architecture of the room as you can see. For this image, I placed Sigma's 8mm Fisheye on my Canon 30D. I explored the composition I found that I really liked the view of the calla lilys not just in the foreground but almost completely surrounding the top proportion of the room as well. Granted the Fisheye lens adds to this effect, but I think the curved lines of the calla lilys together with the curved lines of the room further accented by the curvature of the image elements with the use of the Fisheye lens combine for a very unusual and quite dramatic view. Camera specs, F4 @ 1/10 second, hand-held at IS 1000. Enjoy! --David

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