Wednesday, December 19, 2007

10 Mostly Free Ways to Improve Your Photography Business

Here they are - 10 great ways to improve your business.
  1. Be sure that the studio and reception area is neat and clean at all times. Have everything perfect for the next client.
  2. Take some time to freshen up your samples - it will make you think you own a new studio and everybody likes things new.
  3. Head to Sam's or Costco and spend $20 bucks on fresh flowers. It make the reception area look nice and smell great. Heck, if you work out of your home, it's a tax write off, but always tell your wife that they were for her - double whammy good effect!
  4. Call a client a day for 5 days, and tell them you were thinking about them, thank them for their business, or just to check in on them. When you find out that doesn't hurt, try making it studio policy at least once a month.
  5. Make it a Studio Policy to send a Thank You note to each client, that's everybody that has ordered pictures. If you don't have the address, include the Thank You note with their delivered photographs.
  6. Wrap the wedding album(s) in bows when delivering them - obviously Christmas bows at Christmastime. It just make them look nice and the client's notice.
  7. I love this one, Always have cookies baking so that you have that wonderful aroma wafting throughout the premises. Thanks to Sandy Puc for that idea. (I think I might patent a "baking cookie aroma" air freshener.)
  8. Pick up a few of those "Inspiration/Happy Thought/Beautiful Picture/etc-a-Day" calenders and keep one on your desk and your employees desk.
  9. Dress up for your appointments - something easy and comfortable - it stands you out from the crowd and your clients will notice.
  10. And finally, get your daily dose of Digital ProTalk right here - what better way to start the day.

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