Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Now a Few Thank Yous

Thanks to Deimodius who dropped me a lead on the story about the first Santa pictures - "So Who Knows For Sure?". He referenced the Eaton Santa Claus parade started in 1905, that's 20 years before the Macy parade. Here is his update info, "Here is another potential lead. The Toronto (Ontario Canada) Santa Claus parade started in 1905, and according to the article (link right here ) started 20 years before the Macy's parade. It does not say anything about photos on Santa's lap, but there were photos taken of Santa. A few years after that first start parents and children would go to see him at the Massey Hall Theatre." He also found an image in the Chicago Tribune archives via Wikipedia of children on Santa's lap right here. Thanks, Deimodius

Thank you to Chris Grandell, one of my Digital Master Class alums, who offered a link to a very well done Nikon D3 and Canon 1Ds MarkIII side by side sharpness comparison. Here is the link. Thanks, Chris.

And another thank you to Dresden Engle, Public Relations Manager, George Eastman House for his nice note about my mention of George Eastman House for spreading the word about their upcoming wiki and current podcasts in my post entitled "Every Single Thing You Ever Wanted to Know About Photography":

Hey, gang, that's about it for today. Hope you enjoyed the "read" and I hope to see you tomorrow. Areverderchi, David

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