Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Save Time - Not Money

With this - the hottest set of Photoshop time saving mouse clicks in the world! What happens when you goof in Photoshop - I know , you just Cntrl-Z your way out of it. But what happens if you need to to undo even more steps? Sure you could head over to your history states and just backtrack to where you need to go. Here is an even easier way and it works even if you have already saved the file - just hold down the Alt (Option) key while doing your Cntrl-Z's . Guess what? Holding down the Alt(Option) key will let you step all the way back in your "History" states till you get where to need to be without ever touching the mouse! Pretty darn cool - a big thank you to Corey Barker over at PlanetPhotoshop for that great tip.

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