Monday, December 17, 2007

So, Is Everybody Happy???

Maybe, maybe not - that's according to an article originally appearing in Time magazine . I caught the story over at APhotoEditor last week. Here's the scoop - are you sitting down - it seems we photographers are a pretty UN-happy lot with only 20.8% of us claiming to be happy! Well, the good news - we are happier than bartenders, welfare service aids, therapists, and amusement park attendants. But the bad news - we are still at the bottom of the happiness heap. Who are the happiest? Clergy, waitresses and butlers, and firefighters. Did I make a wrong life decision years ago? I don't think so.
Any job is what you make of it. If it's just another wedding, chances are - you can't wait to get out of there. But if you see it as one of the most important events in the couple's lives and you have the honor of being hired to do the photography, I'll tell you - you are in a much better place emotionally to give the client a great effort and a much better result. So the heck with the survey - keep smilin'. Find those happy spots!! And if you want to to satisfy your "happiness" curiosity quotient for the day, head over to the "Happiness" article right here and let your mouse scroll down the list. It is kind of a fun list and may even bring a smile to your Monday morning face.

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  1. Interesting observation. I know most of us amateurs would love to give everything up and be a 100% of the time photographer, but it carries too much risk and frankly, you have to be in top 1% of photographers to earn good income out of it, and when you consider that, the barriers to entry are too high. David, you enjoy it for two reasons - because it's an art, but also because you're a very good artist and businessman and you make enough to have it be a pleasant experience.